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Children don't belong in detention
Children don't belong in detention

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Graba tu mensaje de 20 segundos de apoyo a los miles de niños que son detenidos a diario #speakupbehindbars

This year the immigration authorities in Mexico have already arrested 4.745 #girls, #boys & #teens #endMXchilddetention Via @NinosDetenidos

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''I am highly concerned that detention in regional offshore processing centres such as in Nauru could result in indefinite detention and other human rights violations,'' says N. Pillay about Australia's policy.

@Mamamia inspires Aussie parents to Speak up for #Kidslikemine. Read "Their kids are just like mine" & view the gallery

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Millions of children and teenagers migrate in search of protection. In Mexico 1000s are arrested and deported, watch

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Speak Spanish and care about the invisible children in Mexico? Follow or like http...

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Campaign clip" Children don't belong in detention!

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¡Buenos Días! ¿Quién nos acompañará el miércoles 7 de Noviembre?

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UK based film director @timtravershawksays says: "Children fleeing war, famine and poverty are too often met with iron bars". Watch the interview about making a film about places where you are not allowed to film.

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5 days to go to crowdfund @timtravershawk's animation film that makes children in immigration detention visible. Contribute £32 and receive the original poster and DVD. Have a look at the appeal and share it on your profile
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