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Carl Fisher
There were only two shows on TV worth watching this year. Cosmos & Bob's Burgers.
There were only two shows on TV worth watching this year. Cosmos & Bob's Burgers.

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Just Oregon Buttons
A few months ago I scanned all the random Oregon themed pins I have picked up over the years while collecting political memorabilia. I'm often surprised at how much of a collection you can create just by random chance. I have not gone out of my way to pick ...

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Vintage Wyden Lawn Sign
I normally try to avoid lawn signs. They are bulky, many don't display well, and they take up a lot of limited storage space. Still, on occasion, someone will mention to me 'hey Carl, I've got this old sign do you want it?' and I will usually say yes just t...

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Oregon JFK Items
Let's take a look at some Oregon 1960 JFK related items! These items mostly come from the collection of John Gearhart, John Silvertooth, and Carl Fisher. Many of these items were not featured in the Oregon Historical Society High Hopes exhibit. First some J...

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JFK at 100: High Hopes
This weekend I had the chance to finally go down to the Oregon Historical Society and visit High Hopes: The Journey of John F. Kennedy . We are over half way through the JFK centennial year. While it is highly unlikely JFK would have lived to be 100 had his...

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Helen Cannon Delegate Badge
While taking a trip to the Oregon coast this weekend I stumbled upon a few political items. In one shop, there were some very common 1960s-1970s local Oregon candidate and national presidential buttons. Lot's of Nixon's the One!, Morse, Packwood. Many of th...

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Wyatt Postcard Found
This postcard was recently discovered on ebay.  It is from a campaign of Wendell Wyatt . The postcard is similar to many of the era with the member of congress seen walking or standing in front of the U.S. Capitol building. Wyatt was the last Republican to ...

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Hardy Myers Remembered
Shortly after Thanksgiving in 2016 Oregon lost one of its most humble public servants. Hardy Myers passed away at the age of 77. Born in Electric Mills, Mississippi. Like many, he found his way to Oregon when his family moved here for the logging. His fathe...

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2016 Democratic Primary Pins
Every election there are groups out there that produce pins featuring the entire field of candidates for any particular political party. The Democrats of 2016 were no exception. Conventions and special events that all candidates were invited to often saw a ...

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Governor Robert's 80th Birthday Party
Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts turned 80 with a special birthday party at Montgomery Park in December of 2016. It was packed with about 800 people. There were speeches, 2 other Governors of Oregon and 1 from Washington even. The Portland Trailblazers gifte...

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Favorite Oregon Obama 2008 Items
The hours on the Obama Administration are waning. He has a little under a week left in his presidency. The Trump Administration will begin shortly after Donald Trump takes the oath of office as is customary in our democracy. I thought it timely to start to ...
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