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Dr Dane Roubos
Dr Dane - Holistic Chiropractor & Health Coach, Healer, Teacher
Dr Dane - Holistic Chiropractor & Health Coach, Healer, Teacher


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I see strange things happening with my two G Plus pages:

Feb 2014: I created Your Soul's Journey with Chronic Illness Page - with a cover photo and a few posts. In early April, I noticed these had disappeared, leaving a "bare" account. I added new cover photo and some new posts. 

At end of April, the "old" stuff came back and replaced the "new" stuff. Now, the new cover photo is back, but somewhat enlarged (so its edges are cut off), and there are no posts.

Something very similar happened with my other page - Dr. Dane Roubos - Graceful Way Healing Arts. Now, I see that my client circle and recent posts have disappeared.

What is likely going on here? I have no trust that what I create today will be there tomorrow. Why bother with Google Plus? It seems so inconsistent that it could be a waste of time and energy.
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