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Caleb Jennings

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Great video Dave and love the set! Clean like the beans ;-)

Question regarding the packaging of the Brain Octane and Upgraded MCT Oils...

Considering that MCT and Brain Octane leach from plastic containers, I was surprised when my first order of each arrived in those plastic containers, which then was followed by a distinctly plastic taste that other MCT's I've gotten in metal and glass containers don't have. 

Ingesting liquid plastic doesn't seem quite Bulletproof to me...

I love the quality standards you set for your products and processing methods, and would love to buy more Brain Octane oil, although can't justify drinking plastic toxins leached into the perfect gut permeating nutrient (or toxin) delivery system that is MCT and Brain Octane oil.

Did I get a bad batch, or will you be ideally switching to glass bottles for these two awesome products? It obviously costs more to bottle in glass from a packaging perspective, although I'd gladly pay extra to help the margin on that just to get it in glass over other brands, which I don't trust as much as Bulletproof/UpgradedSelf.

Thanks again for all you do, and you've got more support than you know!

Caleb Jennings

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Finally getting our Business page set up here on Google+ :-) Any tips for a G+ n00b like myself?
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Caleb Jennings

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Favorite Salad Dressing Ever...
Some of the ‘tastiest’ creamy dressings are loaded with dairy and other additives. Enjoy this delicious raw vegan creamy caesar dressing. This ...
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Señor caleb 
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Raw Vegan life lover who's all about optimal health, marketing, neuroscience, and human behavior. In my spare time I keep busy researching and discovering answers to the greatest mysteries of life and the universe :-)
I am a complex figure with a mind that welcomes complexity in order to simplify and share with others...I believe in true education through passion and experience. I live a life of passionate experiences, travel, excitement, unconditional love, and mutual reverent respect. I take full responsibility for all of my chosen actions and I respect all life everywhere. I come from a place in my mind that very few on the planet understand, however I surround myself with those that do or have the potential to in short time. I choose to surround myself with the most amazing minds and hearts full of gratitude and giving. I live life to the fullest and do my absolute best to expand the context of others' minds to open their eyes to the potential of the same for them and those that they love...
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