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hooray netflix. Lets cancel wordworld and blue's clues all in one shot. I am glad you like disappointing 4 year olds. Why don't you go kick some puppies now.
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They've also scaled back the Mythbusters episodes which is one of the few non-cartoon shows my six year old and I both enjoy.
My daughter was equally disappointed. Netflix jacks up the price and then removes my daughter's favorite show. What the heck?
My daughter is crying right because of this change! I guess I'll have to buy it on iTunes...
I was looking into switching from netflix to epix, but could not pull the trigger because my kid love word world and Thomas. Might just get a little easier now.
this is too much... I actually had user error to begin this rant. I was wondering why all these wonderful people started contributing to it, and sure enough, WordWorld is gone. My kids entertainment was keeping the subscription alive. Bad move here by Netflix, which of course wont get noticed amongst the myriad other bad moves. just wow...
World world was the only reason we picked streaming. Adults can make due with a DVD wait time a d the selection is better. But I need instant on entertainment for my 4 yr old.

Must have been dropped based on the same spreadsheet that led them to attempt the Qwicksyer fiasco.
My 2 year old daughter loved this show. A step backwards for Netflix after losing Ni Hao Kai Lan.
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