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New at Pet Club Online! Back On Track Theraepeudic Dog Blankets!

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Check it out! Share it and show your friends!

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Not only are MIM Safe Variocages are on sale right now, but the AllSafe Harness are on sale too!!

The Original AllSafe Harness will play a key role in reducing the risk of serious injury or death for drivers, passengers, and pets.

A dog that is not properly secured in your vehicle can be seriously or fatally injured in an accident.

An unrestrained pet can also be a significant distraction or, in some cases, they can even cause a motor vehicle accident.

During a collision, inadequate restraints may allow your dog to become a deadly projectile within the vehicle.

Automobile clubs, car magazines and safety organizations publish these warnings regularly. Several states already have legislation to regulate the safe transport of pets, while others are seriously considering similar laws.

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The BIGGEST SALE of the year is here! MIM Safe Variocage sale September 30th until the end of October!
MIM Safe Variocage up to 25% off the normal retail pricing on all Variocages and other travel products!

#variocage #petsafety #sale
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Pet Club Online is now an Authorized Dealer for MIM Safe Variocage! Check out the selection, and let us help you keep your animals safe.
Variocage is the Most Rigorously Crash Tested and  Proven Dog Transport Cage in the World
ONLY Crash Tested Cage Rated Using Government Safety Standards
(ISO 27955 | ECE R-17 | ECE R-44)
ONLY Cage Tested Using Safe Pet Crash Test Standards
Perfect Track Record of Safety for Over a Decade
14 Adjustable Sizes to Fit Most Cats, Dogs and Vehicles
Locking Doors With Gas Hydraulic Motion Springs
Built-In Key Lock and Padlock Mounting Tabs for Security
High-Quality Powder Coated Steel Construction
Emergency Escape Hatch for Added Safety
Built-In Crumple Zone Absorbs Impact
No Modification to Vehicle Required

#petsafety #crashtested #dogsports #dogagility #mimsafevariocage  
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We are now Selling #BioDOGradable   Waste bags as a 3 pack!

This is a fantastic poop bag. It holds up to 4lbs of waste without breaking! And quite honestly if you have 4lbs of waste, you probably have another problem to worry about and a very large dog. There is no odor to the bad and it folds nicely.
The packaging is simple, comes in a large roll easy to tear off the bags you need for your walk without having to take the whole roll. On top of being durable and strong, this poop bag isn't horrible for the environment! This #ecofriendly waste bag allows us as pet owners to be even more responsible by picking up after our dogs and not contributing to the ever growing plastic problem.


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3 Dog Design​ Leather Leashes now available through Pet Club Online​! These are hand crafted, high quality Latigo leather, with a durable material and delicate design! They come in 2', 4' and 6' lengths with a snap clip, in mahogany or black.

#3dogdesign   #leatherleash   #fridayspecials

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