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We need to get the date for our February meeting in place. Any suggestions?

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Good read for Bitcoiners concerned with making the network more resilient.

I work on the MultiBit Bitcoin wallet. It's free and open source under the MIT license. Now we're about to monetise it. 

Here's how and why:

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Great article from Andreas Antonopoulos. Worth a read.

Need a quick countdown timer - perhaps for your Pomodoro session?

Type this into Google: timer for 1 hour


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Did you know that if you are a parent in the UK and you take your child out of school outside of designated holidays you will have to pay a fine of £2,500 per parent and may face 3 months in prison?

If you're concerned by the implications of this awful law please consider signing this petition even if you're not in the UK or a parent:

As a parent, I'm absolutely stunned at this. Imagine if you serve in the military and have no say when you can take a break to see your children. Or what if you work with a company that demands you take holiday during term time?

Pure insanity.

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If you've got time (and a deep understanding of solid state electronics) then take a look at this demonstration of a hardware Trojan at the sub-gate level.

TL;DR They can compromise a chip design (verified by an independent security company) which is NIST SP800-90, FIPS 140-2, and ANSI X9.82 compliant. They can modify the digital post-processing of the design at the sub-transistor level to compromise the security of keys generated with the RNG.

Their Trojan is capable of reducing the security of the produced random number from 128 bits to n bits, where n can be chosen. Despite these changes, the modified Trojan RNG passes not only the Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) but also generates random numbers that pass the NIST test suite for random numbers.

TL;DR for the TL;DR

All crypto hardware could be compromised. Start getting your random numbers from the background radiation of the universe.

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It's time for me to start looking for a new Java web development contract so I thought I'd put the word out on G+ and see if anyone would like to get in touch.

My code:
My writing:

I wonder if the time is right to get paid in Bitcoin...

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Get some perspective with this week's Archdruid Report (there's no druidry in it):

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