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Todd Park
Doing what I do best so others can do what they do best
Doing what I do best so others can do what they do best

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At the end of the book, the epilogue neatly ties all the
loose ends together. Boy gets girl, the bad guy gets his overdue comeuppance,
and justice is meted out to bring a satisfying end. If the story is good and
the author skilled, there’s a bit of a chuckl...

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Today, the latest wrinkle in a very complicated piece of origami was that my lungs continue to deteriorate. After my latest pulmonary function test, another CT scan, and an x-ray, I had the ultimate sobering conversation with my oncologist and a pulmonary doctor.

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Not Just A Little Sobering
After being in treatment for acute leukemia since February,
I’ve come to realize that there is no real routine to speak of, especially since arriving in at the Puget Sound Veterans’ Health
Care System. I can arrive on time at 8:00 a.m., get my blood drawn w...

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Outa Control
I’m no control freak, but like most people, I do like to be
able to take care of myself. It’s part of that being an adult thing. The day
you’re diagnosed with a debilitating, life-threatening illness, control is
kinda thrown out the window.   If the pronoun...

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I’ve come to the unavoidable conclusion that cancer is a collection of side effects, most of which quite frankly suck. How’s that for eloquence in explanation?

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Actually had a day away completely from the hospital, so we thought we'd take trip downtown to the 40th floor Starbuck's...but it was closed, so we went directly to the 73rd floor Observation Deck. It was very comfortable and afforded some great views. Well worth the trip. I'll have to go back at dusk next time around!
13 11 23 - Columbia Tower Observation Deck
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Veterans Day...still relevant after all these years
The first time I was at all conscious of Veterans’ Day, I
was actually still on active duty. The ship made a port call in Boston and I
had driven the command’s van from our home port of Norfolk up the coast with a
couple of crew members who were required to...

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Golden Scars
a low point in my life, someone very dear to me shared a little quip that,
under the wrong circumstances, might be misconstrued as glib or insensitive.
Yet the words were true because they carried the import of experience. She told
me something to the ef...

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Unlike Anything
  Crossing the finish line after more than 500 miles. What an exhilarating feeling! Two Saturday afternoons ago, I was riding down Pacific Coast Highway through some of the most beautiful and affluent coastal cities in Southern California, pushing through t...

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In Memoriam
Joseph Stead Jacobson was
born May 6, 1913. I found out yesterday that he was a 13-pound baby! The
picture I have of him as a child shows him with curly blond hair and a bit of a
cleft in his chin that followed him where the blond didn’t. What I knew of his...
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