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Ilmari Heikkinen
Art by code, brush and pen.
Art by code, brush and pen.

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Nokia 8 first impressions, iPhone X thoughts
Got the tempered blue version of the Nokia 8. Around US$500 in Hong Kong. The chassis looks and feels great. The phone is very fast. Loud speaker. The LCD screen's great and shows the clock, calendar events and notifications when it's off. The dark blue mat...

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Effects of Brexit on European trade
Likely a boost in Chinese, Indian, Russian and American trade with the EU. Why? The British Empire was singularly unpopular around the world. The Opium Wars led to the Chinese century of humiliation. The occupation of India turned - in the words of an India...

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Post-Brexit trade numberwaving
Looking at the OEC  trade information for the UK and other countries, we can take some wild guesses at UK's future trade prospects. UK's GDP was $2.6T in 2016. UK exported $0.4T worth of goods and services, and imported $0.6T. Going with the idea that the e...

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Ethereum algorithmically
Ethereum is a cryptocurrency with a mining process designed to stress random access memory bandwidth. The basic idea in mining Ethereum is to find a a 64-bit number that hashes with a given seed to a 64-bit number that's smaller than the target number. Thin...

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Fast marching cubes in JavaScript
Marching cubes! Where do they march? What is their tune? The name of their leader, a mystery if any. Marching cubes works like this: You have a 3D array of bits and want to create a mesh out of it. Read a 2x2x2 cube from the array. Generate a mesh based on ...

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WebGL 2.0
Started doing some vanilla WebGL 2.0 development this month. I like it. I haven't really ventured further into the new API features than doing 3D textures and GLES 3.00 shaders (which are very nice). The new parts of the API feel a bit like this: you've got...

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Users for sale
Think of this business model for a bit. A company pays you to use their product. To subsidise manufacturing the product, the company sells you to the highest bidder. This will completely screw up the market for the product. If you want to compete in the mar...

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iPhone X launch
The iPhone 8 & X launch feels a bit badly timed (like the iMac Pro, Mac Pro 2 announcements / rumors.) It might be fine though. What me worry? The iPhone X is the future of the iPhone. It changes the screen form factor a bit, removes the home button, requir...

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Negotiating a Brexit
The Brits are negotiating with the haggling approach, the EU with the "let's do modifications to a reasonable compromise" approach. That's why the Brits seem to be out of their minds like the wino at the liquor store trying to haggle down the price of a 20 ...

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Post-Brexit Britain
How will Britain look like after the Brexit process has been completed and Britain is no longer a member of the European Union? The first step of the post-war government is to negotiate a trade deal with the EU to trade with the other European countries wit...
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