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Ilmari Heikkinen
Art by code, brush and pen.
Art by code, brush and pen.

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Acceleration, 2
Oh, yeah, right. I was working on this. But got distracted by adding features to my path tracing Shadertoy. So. I've got pictures if nothing else. Pictures of the same scene to test bidirectional path tracing, bokeh, diffraction, etc. There you go. Tune in ...

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Acceleration, 1
Working on Acceleration . It's not fast going, but it's going bit by bit. I currently have some color pickers, auto-keyframing, save, load, hi(gher)-quality still render creation, on top of the very visual-oriented animation editor. There used to be a 4-vie...

#VoteConservative for bright and strong nuclear Brexit with nothing free. #VoteLabour to support working NHS student fox pensioner families.

(Twitter sentiment analysis)

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YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR POLLING CARD TO VOTE! Just go to your polling station - don't be wrongly put off. Please spread the word

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Hey bored Brexiteers, you should go vote for not Tories to make life more interesting. The not Tories are going to keep the news super fun for another year! If you vote for Tories, it's going to be another year of moaning and groaning as they try to bungle it all up

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UK tweeps, go have a fun voting outing. Here's how: go to your polling station (open 7am-10pm, tell them your name, fill in the ballot according to , done 🎉🎉☕🍰

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Electrostatic fluid accelerator
Imagine a fan with no moving parts. Instead of using spinning blades to push air molecules around, you use ions accelerated by an electric field. This, in a nutshell, is an electrostatic fluid accelerator . (Thinking of the Dyson fans that create a thin hig...

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Engineering antibiotic-suspectible strains of bacteria
Make antibiotic resistance into a detriment. Petri dish with antibiotic gradient. Radiation steriliser at the high antibiotic section. Microbes that survive in the antibiotic get killed by the radiation. Microbes without resistance survive and supplant the ...

I don't really get the goal of these "facts don't work", "kaleidoscope of blatant lies" political campaigners. How does that help people to deal with reality better? Is it some sort of marketing campaign for the tech? "We can destroy developed countries! Buy now!"

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Things are not bad. Pretty fine actually.
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