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Wherein the business of the band appears to conclude

Not jumping on the bandwagon or anything, but are people using Chapo House in their adventures yet? What alignment do you figure they are? What class? How many hit dice? Have people's characters been bending the knee to them? Do they live in a mansion, or in the dungeon?

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Anyone remember Ned Shakeshaft from the classic Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh? I'm running it again after 30+ years, I renamed him Rob Shakespeare, though after appearing in two episodes, Rob has come to a bad end. At the end of the last session, the lizardman barbarian fashioned him into a shield.

People who cannot roleplay, and do not know how to set the agenda for the party tend to be bad sports about poor die rolling.

Just an incidental observation.

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Wherein an ancient wrong reaches its bony hand out toward the present...

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I vent about certain overused conventions, and propose a few alternatives.

How rich is your PC compared to the average Joe?

"In 1390 in the city of Florence, a typical construction worker earned an average daily wage of 9.4 soldi, a farm laborer was paid roughly the same, a spinner of wool cloth earned 12.7 soldi a day, and a master builder received 17.1 soldi a day. John Hawkwood's salary that year was 500 florins (37,500 soldi) a month, a sum 72 times greater than the wage of a master builder, and 140 times greater than that of a construction worker. Meanwhile, a lance unit in Hawkwood's brigade earned 18 florins a month (a daily rate of 44 soldi). That was two and a half times the wage of a master builder, nearly three and a half times that of a spinner, and almost five times that of an unskilled construction worker or farm laborer. But it should be noted that 18 florins sustained three men with three horses, making it less impressive than it superficially appears."

- William Caferro, _John Hawkwood: An English Mercenary in 14th century Italy _ , p.75

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Third-rate Egyptomania is alive and well in this D&D/MTG crossover.
I get that stereotypes are fun to play with in RPGs, but do we really need to rehash the whole "Egypt, Homeland of Undead" trope? The notion of undeath used in RPGs ("life beyond the grace of God") is wholly inapplicable to the Egyptian context, where life beyond the grave is simply a different kind of life. And the God-Pharaoh is probably closer to Jesus (or at least Christ Pantocrator) than to Acererak. Those five gods are pale imitations of the real things (and seem like a better fit for Conan than Egypt). There were so many creatures that could have been plucked out of mythology and statted. And a hippo is a reskinned elephant with the ability to hold its breath for 30 minutes? Really?

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Where did Gandalf go out for lunch while he was doing research on the One Ring?

What would happen if we burned down the town? If we cast Shatter in the tavern? If we summoned demon-bear? Are there any attractive-looking people we could sacrifice to the mermaids who live in the lake?

If you ask me for the money I owe you, I will cut off your toes.

Sorry, folks. Lots of highfalutin' thoughts voiced here today. This is all I got.
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