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+Thaddeus Reeves​: for your library.

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Do it!  We have backups.

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Fun day with Sean and Wilder. I rolled a 193 with only one open frame!

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In the age of singles, this album is a classic. If you have ever enjoyed dance music, check it out.

R.I.P. MCA. :-(

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This seems like a lot of effort, but it might be worth it. I may try this on my cast-iron grill-grate.

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Here is yet another example where a DRM implementation does nearly nothing to stop or limit piracy, but has a broad affect on the paying customers. When will companies learn that this approach is STUPID?

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I'm hooked. Been on the raft for 10 minutes now.

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2012_March_Chatt (125 photos)
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False advertising
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