Lesson 1 for Martial Arts Training: Go Wash Your Bowl

Since I couldn't sleep for some odd reason last night, I got up and decided to write.  Why not?  LOL  :-)

As part of our martial arts training at +Peaceful Dragon  , we receive monthly assignments from our Sifu Eric Sbarge.  While I've read all of them in the last 20 months of my training, I never actually completed or handed them in.  With a renewed focus on my training for this year, I've committed to myself to catch up, so that's what I began last night with this new Page on my personal blog, where I will complete all the written assignments.  So here is my response for Lesson 1 (although I'm still working on my Week 1 List; you'll understand if you read it).

+David Amerland +Gina Fiedel +Sanjiv Manifest +Cherie Manifest +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales +Vincent Messina 

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