After skimming through a parallel(1) man page I have only 1 question: is the author nuts?

What €10,000, what citations?

And those examples.
Imagine you've bought a car, say, Ford.

You look in the manual & there is a section 'how to change a tire' & suddenly in the very same section there are big subsections 'how to change a tire for GM, Honda, BMW & Peugeot vehicles. WTF.

Who cares about ppss, prll, dxargs, etc? I don't even know what those utils are for; I've literally never heard of them, why are you dumping their examples on me?

Btw, the info about GNU Make is completely wrong (outdated), Make does support the output sync for parallel executions. To make things for a crazy author of parallel(1) even worse, Make also works faster. At least in my tests on my machine w/ -j8.

Maybe I'm a bit too harsh on a dude who likes Perl. (parallel(1) is written in Perl.) If somebody uses Perl in 2010s, then I shouldn't wonder of his insanity.
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