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Saje Williams
Author: The Infinity Project
Author: The Infinity Project

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For those who would like to continue the adventure after Wonder Woman, might I recommend my YA novel, "The Mighty Young," currently available through Kindle? It's about a group of teenage girls with super powers.

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Also available, a full anthology of stories set in the Infinity universe, expounding on some secondary characters and introducing some new ones.

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My newest novel just went live on Amazon.

"The Mighty Young," the first of a new YA superhero series.

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A free story introducing my Earth Protectorate universe.

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A new blog site for my new series. The Earth Protectorate Universe.

Stay tuned for a free story featuring one of the modern heroes in that universe.

So... My newest book, intended to be the first in a new series, is officially done.  At least, it's gone through the primary writing and rewrites and is ready for editing.  I'm sending it out to a handful of beta readers to see what the consensus might be before I send it to editing.

It's a YA superhero urban fantasy set in a new and original world to be entitled "The Mighty Young."

Here's the first 803 words.

Kelly Quinn, AKA Thunder Woman, can feel her butt dragging all the way up the three flights to the one bedroom apartment she shares with her mother.  It’s been a long day and all she wants to do is fall into bed and take a nap.  <i> Sometimes school sucks.  I’m not an idiot.  Why are some things so hard? </i>  Pointless question.  She’s not going to like any of the most likely answers.  If she spends too long asking, she’s likely to invite those answers.

Shoving the thought aside as she turns her key in the lock, she’s drawn up short by the odd moaning growl from inside.  Throwing open the door, she finds her cat sitting on the Navajo rug in the entry, his back arched, his eyes spitting cold feline rage.  She carefully inspects him to make sure he’s not injured, then turns her attention to the rest of the apartment.  She carries him in her arms, stroking him, and tries to spot anything out of place.  Nothing leaps out at her, either figuratively or literally, and she returns to the entry hall in utter confusion.  Had her cat lost his mind?

That’s when she notices the strange metallic business card in the bowl they keep by the door for change and her mom’s car keys.   Weird.  She’s never seen a business card like this before.  It looks like it’s made of metal, the printing embossed across the surface.  It reads Cornwall Security Solutions.  On the bottom left a phone number.  On the bottom right an email.

She drops the card on the table, pulls out her phone, and snaps a picture.  A couple of taps later it’s zinging off to someone else entirely. The reply comes back shortly but it doesn’t really make her feel better.


Majesty.  Experts call her the most powerful superhuman on the planet. An Omega Level Power.  Of course, they manifest as three different powers, technically.  Hypersonic flight, near invulnerability, and immense strength.  In most cases one of the Gifted might have a single one of these powers, or at most two at reduced potency.  As far as anyone knows, Majesty is unique.

Of course, it’s possible that the Russians have some kind of uber-hero as well, but if so they’re keeping him—or her—under wraps.
In the only real preparation for Majesty’s arrival she’s likely to manage, Kelly begins doing some breathing exercises.  They calm her, allow her better control of her powers.  Hard to maintain when the emotions run hot, but she does her best.

Majesty will be arriving at full speed, too fast for the human eye to perceive.  It’s a means of avoiding any chance of their identities being compromised, but it tends to have the same effect as someone beaming down from the Enterprise unannounced into your living room.
Calming exercises are a good idea.  It doesn’t even seem to matter if you’re expecting their arrival.  It always takes you by surprise and kicks your fight or flight into overdrive.  <i> Or maybe it’s just me. </i>

Not sure how she manages it, but Majesty doesn’t even stir the air when she arrives.  She’s simply there, and even Kelly’s sensitivity to the vagaries of air gives her an instant’s warning.  She’s calm enough now that she simply turns her head and peers at the woman standing only a few feet away.

She wears the unisex jumpsuit uniform she’d initially designed, the one favored by most of the Grand Guardians, its left and right sides split between pitch black and flawless white.  Easily recognizable, even from a distance.  Unthreatening.  Some kind of metaphor.

Kelly doesn’t like them.  It’s not like she’s a clotheshorse, but there’s something about them that always makes her think of a clown suit.  Of course, if they were going for something that’s not the least bit flattering to either sex, they’d succeeded.

Majesty herself—well Majesty is, of course, majestic.  Six feet of athletic grace, eyes like chips of radiant amber.  Broad cheekbones and full lips that speak of African plains and towering jungles.  Her mask, a simple thing like the Lone Ranger might have worn, matches the uniform about as well as anything could.  Her short afro catches the light through the window and for a moment its ebon sheen is full of so many colors she can’t begin to name them all.

She swallows painfully, suddenly aware of how dry her throat is.  <i> Gah. She’s just a person, Kell.  Don’t get weird. </I>  Too late.  She feels like a huge dork.  “So,” she asks, forcing casualness into her voice.  At least Majesty should expect her to sound a little strained.  So what if she misjudges the reason?  “What is this?” she asks, holding up the card.  “Why was this guy in my apartment?”
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