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Scrolling through social media, I came across this blog post from another Heating & Cooling company. The blog was titled, Why Mom Was Right About Going to the Doctor by Ryan Bilello of Air Systems Heating & Cooling, Wisconsin.

The message was perfect and I feel compelled to share.

 “When I was a little kid my mom would routinely take me to see the doctor for my yearly checkup. No matter what had happened over the past 365 days I knew that I’d have to go in, let some doctor stick his light in my nose and ears and make me say ahhhhh.
As a teenager I began to wonder why I needed to see a doctor when I hadn’t been sick nor sustained any big injuries in the past year. What a waste of money I would think to myself. Hey, at least mom and dad’s insurance was paying for it, right?
But fast forward to our 20s and 30s where we have new responsibilities, like babies. It’s crazy how often they go to the doctor. Two weeks, one month, three months, six months…12 months, two years. And we don’t think twice about this. Of course a baby needs to see a doctor frequently. There’s a lot going on in those first few years of life.
It’s kind of funny how we get less worried about how our body functions as we grow into young adults. (Don’t tell anyone but I had a seven year stretch where I didn’t see a doctor)
And while our bodies & lives for that matter are very important, we’ve seen people time and time again take the same approach to their appliances. Especially the ones that heat and cool their home.
They invest in a reliable, efficient piece of equipment and after it’s installed they completely forget about it. The heat is hot & the AC is cold.
And then somewhere down the road it stops working. Usually at 11:30 PM when it’s -10 degrees outside.
They call us and when we get out there we find out, usually pretty quickly, that they haven’t given their equipment any yearly checkups. (Their mother is usually not happy about this)
Often the homeowner ends up having to pay for a repair they could have avoided or paid much less for if it had been caught earlier.
Yearly checkups aren’t looking so bad now are they. The truth is, the cost to maintain your equipment will ALWAYS be less than the cost to fix your equipment.
And most manufacturers require that regular maintenance is completed (by a professional) on your furnace in order to maintain the warranty they offer.”  (Air Systems Heating & Cooling)

Made you think, right? Imagine skipping out on the doctors then having a medical emergency that you could have avoided and paying an arm and a leg to fix it, no pun intended. Now image the same scenario on your heating system. You fail to keep up on the maintenance and something happens suddenly. The cost of repairs is high and could have been caught down the road for a much lesser cost.

At All Weather Heating & Cooling we suggest regular system maintenance on a yearly basis for proper heating and cooling performance.

What if you could take that a step further? Image now that you had the opportunity to have your heat pump system maintained twice a year. Two maintenances per year; one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. At these services we do a full inspection, clean your system and make sure that it is running efficiently and properly. We make you the top priority next to emergency calls. Our special customers. Our Service Agreement customers receive 15% off all parts and labor for repairs. So, I am sure you are asking now, how much will this set me back?  A once a year purchase for a twice a year service. Less than it would cost to repair a broken unit that has not had regular system maintenance. We offer Service Agreements once per year for Furnace systems as well.

All you need to do is contact All Weather Heating & Cooling at (360) 452-9813 and we will discuss what system you have and what would best suit your needs.

Call All Weather Heating & Cooling today. “Everybody Calls Us”

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