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Going to launch event tomorrow to see what this new website can do for +London South Bank Students' Union and other graduates.
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This is big in the corporate world. I wonder when the general public will see the benefits.
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#glutenfree #wheatfree #dairyfree Christmas Tip 2. Stuffing.
Stuffing is great but it is one of those things that you miss out on a free from diet. So here is my recipe for the perfect Free From Stuffing.

One packet of Mrs Crimble Stuffing Mix
For Sausage Meat
6 Gluten Free Pork and Herb Sausages
1.5 Small Red Onions
1 tbsp Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp Oil
1 tbsp Lemon
For Base
2 Granny Smith Apples
30g Caster Sugar

For the sausage meat, put the oil and the finely chopped red onions in a pan until soft and add this into a bowl with all the other saugage meat ingredients and combine.
Get a baking dish and put it on the hob and caramelise the sugar whilst chopping up the apples into slices.
Caramelise the apples 3-4 mins each side then take off the hob
Layer the sausage meat ontop and preheat the oven to 180 degress centigrade.
Make up the stuffing mix and put a small layer of the mix on top of the sausage meat. Make the rest into stuffing balls and freeze for another time.
Put the dish in the oven for 25 mins until brown on the top.

I hope your free from Christmas can be now jazzed up with this simple but tasty recipe
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#glutenfree #wheatfree #dairyfree Christmas Tip 1!
As you can see I have practised my christmas dinner this year as it is the first one I have cooked with my intolerances and over this week and next, I'm going to give you some extra tips on how to make that perfect free from Xmas dinner!
The first tip is for basting your turkey. Get 200g of sunflower oil based soya butter and melt it in the microwave and add the leaves from one sprig of rosemary and 2 sprigs of thyme. Pour the whole lot over your turkey after 20 mins of the cooking time and keep basting it every 20 mins with the butter from the pan.
This will make the perfect turkey even if you are dairy free.
The next tip will be on stuffing and how to make it yummy.
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#glutenfree #wheatfree #dairyfree Big news to the dairy free crowd! +Starbucks Coffee have started giving soy as a FREE option! Finally they now understand that it is not just for fashion. I used to go to other places so I didn't have to pay the extra 35p. But now I can enjoy my extra hot soy chai tea latte without the extra charge.
Thanks Starbucks.
But last time I went in there, there was no gluten,wheat and dairy free chocolate hazelnut loaf. I hope that they haven't got rid of it as a hot drink needs a cake with it.
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#glutenfree #wheatfree #dairyfree. Haven't blogged for a while for free from. But now living in Canterbury and now working for a gluten free bakery/restaurant, I better give you the low down of this new place. Oscar and Bentleys is a new gluten free bakery and restaurant in Canterbury. If you want to go there on a weekend, you NEED to book in advance. It is great food for any occasion and does great dairy free scones for cream tea.

The Best In The House
The best main dish is the Fish and Chips by far. Its a classic that I missed because of intolerances. It is dairy free too! It is crisp on the outside with no soggy bottom and the chips are delicious as they are tossed in Maldon Sea Salt.
Also, the dairy free courgette and lime is the best cake there. When it is available, I always buy a slice.
I enjoy going to independent shops that specialise in or cater for us. I think we need to support these people more than the chains that do options we can eat.
Thanks and more posts soon.
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Spicy tomato and basil. A #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan treat!
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16GB WiFi Nexus 7 2013 Model

Everyone loves FREE stuff!! I happened upon an extra Nexus 7 so . . . #giveaway time!!

To enter, simply:

Reshare and +1
Circle +Geoffrey Brackman

Extra credit for joining the NexTech Community. Not necessary to win but additional NexTech freebies are coming your way.

NexTech is a community that offers the latest tech reviews, tech news, and free stuff. Now that's a win, win, win if I've ever seen one.

Winner will be announced this weekend! Good Luck and happy Nexus'ing :)
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The Nexus 4. Had it for one day and its the best phone I have had!
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Finally +Jeff Jarvis can get his LTE Nexus 7
Starting today, Nexus 7 with 4G LTE is available for purchase on +Google Play in the US [] and will be coming to +T-Mobile stores in the US in October!
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