It doesn't look much different, but I finally have Ice Cream Sandwhich on my Samsung Galaxy SII phone (even though ICS came out for it in March). I have an international unlocked phone purchased in Australia from a Hong Kong supplier. I had to get to the US before Samsung would send the software update to my phone. The phone OS fragmentation issues with Android are definitely real. But, despite that, I'm really happy to finally have ICS on the phone, and so far it is working really well. (Oh, and yes, it's pretty cold here for late April!)

A real annoying thing about this phone is that despite my research (before I bought it) showing this phone model would work on 3G with AT&T in the US, it turns out that the Australia-compatible version (despite having the same model number) has different 3G frequencies that are NOT compatible in the US. Argh! Thank goodness my friend had a spare 4G MIFI device I can use.
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