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A Canadian girl on a life time adventure to London, UK.
A Canadian girl on a life time adventure to London, UK.

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100,000 White Balloons
If you live in London or are travelling here, be sure to catch the "Heartbeat" exhibition! According to the official website , this is the first exhibition outside of France by the French artist Charl es  Pétillon. It's located at the heart of the Covent Ga...

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[Greece] The Island of Corfu
In Greek, Corfu Island is called Kerkyra. It is located at the Northwest of Greece, while Mykonos and Santorini are at the Southeast. Because it is so close to the heel of Italy, you could see much Italian influences on the Island. There are many English, R...

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[Greece] Foods of Corfu
Once again, I have skipped my June holiday blog and came straight to writing about Corfu. First thing's first, I have to write about the food! When I go on beach holidays, I usually don't gain weight because of all the walking and (some) swimming. The first...

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The O2 is an arena in London, pretty much similar to Vancouver's Roger's Arena.   One of the major differences is that you cannot climb the Roger's, but you can definitely c limb the O2!   So on a gloomy (and almost rainy) day when the tube strike is on, I'...

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[France] The Little City of Colmar
Welcome to my post on Colmar! After my insistence on visiting this city, my two friends have agreed to come with me.  I think one of them just don't really care or know where she is going lol. Once again, I must confess the pick of Colmar is because of some...

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A Beautiful Encounter: Hitchin Lavender Farm
I've always wanted to see a lavender field - an actual grand field with rows and rows of lavenders! This year I won't make it to Southern France, so I've found Mayfield , Cotswold and Hitchin lavender farms. After some Googling, I settled with Hitchin becau...

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[France] Strasbourg - Part 2
One of the best part about being on vacation in a foreign city is that nobody knows you. (Except your travel companions obviously.)   You can sing freely while walking down the streets, laugh loudly, take constant selfies and pose as tourist-like as you wan...

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[France] Strasbourg - Part 1
Once again, I took the National Express bus to Stansted Airport. My destination this time: Strasbourg in Eastern France. It was 9pm in Strasbourg when I arrived. For some reason (I'm sure there was a legit reason), the train no longer ran so I had to take t...

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Afternoon Tea at The InterContinental
My first afternoon tea since moving to London is at the Wellington Lounge of The InterContinental Park Lane. The hotel decor is my favourite kind: not old-fashioned nor contemporary, but somewhere in between.  On this rare occasion, I decided to not put mak...

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Nitro Ice Cream What?
Liquid nitrogen ice cream is ice cream that has been frozen using liquid nitrogen . The process takes less time than traditional ice cream manufacture. (Source: Wikipedia )   I was Googling for the best ice cream in London (to replace my love: Earnest Ice C...
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