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Fall is here! The weather is cooling down a little. Halloween costumes are out on the shelves. Pumpkin spice lattes are being sold at Starbucks. Pumpkin Spice Hair is in the hair salon? YES! You read that right. Pumpkin spice hair is the "in" hairstyle this fall. What do we mean by #pumpkinspicehair ? Combinations of warm rich colors like dark reds, orange, and even brown are really popular. They are a look that is so well suited for fall. just think of the colors found in a changing leaf during autumn and that is a great representation of color suggestions. The #pumpkinspicehair  colors that will work best are dependent upon ones skin tone and eye color. We know we can find the color that best reflects your love for all things fall! Be the bell of the ball this fall with your #pumpkinspicehair  

#pumpkinspicehairsandiego   #pumpkinspicehairsalonsandiego  

LOC method.  LOC is a way to make your hair more healthy.  Liquid (L), add liquid to your hair.  OIL (O), add oil on top of the liquid to lock in the moisture.  Add a CREAM (C) moisturizer on top of the oil and then you can style your hair however you would like.  This helps with people that have chemically damaged hair and people that have naturally dry hair. 

Stretching the root.  Many people want to get ombre style highlights right now, but many choose to get too much of a color contrast.  We suggest doing what is called stretching the root.  You choose a color which is only one or two shades difference between the root and the rest of the hair.  This will give your hair a great looking shine and give your hair natural looking highlights.  You will turn more heads with this style of Ombre highlight opposed to the normal way of doing Ombre.      

The High-Bun.  The high bun is another go-to hairstyle that we like.  There are many different types of high bun hairstyles: Flawless and Full, Textured Top Knot, Tossed Up and Tinted, Sleeked Styled, etc..  This is a great look for the workplace.  I cannot tell you how many times we have had women come into our hair salon in San Diego and say "I want a hair style that looks more professional for work."  Many times it is not how your hair is cut that makes you look more professional, it is how it is styled.  Having your hair cut properly for the hair style you are looking to achieve will definitely help.  The High-Bun is really a look that says "I have my stuff together."  This can be a simple hairdo that is easy to do every morning.  This will leave you more time to focus on the things that will get you that promotion that you want.         #highbun   #highbunhairstyle   #hairsalonsandiego   #hairsalonssandiego     

If you have medium length hair, doing a side twist can really give you a fun yet professional look.  It is a very versatile hairstyle that will get you compliments in the workplace as well as out on the town.  This is a simple look to replicate daily and can get you out of the house quickly each morning while still allowing you to look great.     #hair   #hairsidetwists   #sidetwistshairstyle   #hairsalonsandiego   #hairsalonssandiego  

Shearology Hair Salon always tries to keep up with all the most recent hair trends.  One of the hair trends that can really work well for some people is the severe side swept part.  Many actors and actresses can be seen sporting this look on the red carpet including Megan Fox.  If you already know what type of hair style you want, we can of course execute the style you desire.  If you do not know what type of hair style you want, we can give you ideas on what may look the best for your hair type and face frame.       #sidesweptpart   #severesidesweptpart   #hairsalonsandiego   #hairsalonssandiego   

WAIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!   Stop right there, don't cut off all that hair!  If you want to sport a short look, try a Faux Bob, to see if you like shorter hair.  The Faux Bob is  created by pulling back and pinning up long hair in a pony tail and allowing some hair to come to shoulder length.  This is a look that many women will wear when walking the red carpet.  Taylor Swift is one person that is seen wearing this hairdo regularly. 

Side-Swept Part.  If you have seen any red carpet events over the last few years or just seen people that walk the red carpet, you have seen the side swept part. Many famous people from Beyonce to Natalie Portman sport this do.  This is definitely a hair do right now and not a hair don't.  It takes the right cut to pull look off.  However once your hair is properly cut it is an easy get up and go style.  It does not take a lot of time to replicate everyday.  You can spend a few minutes doing your hair every morning and walk out the door looking as confident as you feel.     #hairsalonsandiego    #sidesweptpart #hairsalonssandiego  

These days fashion is not necessarily about looking perfect.  It is more about looking somewhat put together and carrying your look with confidence.  Hence the messy braid.  Messy braids have become popular and are a great transitional look.  You can wear them to the beach during the daytime and that same look can easily carry over to a nice evening at a restaurant or just a night out on the town.  The trick is to make the messy braids look natural and not forced.  Shearology Salon has fun doing messy braids for our clients and we would be more than happy to style your hair.       #hairsalonsandiego   #messybraidsandiego           

What is better than feeling good on the beach?  Looking and feeling good on the beach.  Sexy Beach Waves are in, no we are not talking about the surfers riding waves.  Giving your hair a nice wavy look before you go to the beach is a great way to look effortless but beautiful.  The goal of the hairstyle is to have a nice curl that does not look intentional but is slightly messy.  Many times this look is easier to work with if you have hair that is past shoulder length. 
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