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And a not so cute story about a young kid going around slashing tires in his neighborhood. The police are looking for the public's help in identifying him.
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+KTNV Channel 13 Action News why have you stopped posting on Google+?
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Within the last few weeks, Las Vegas has been hit once again by a series of pedestrian deaths -- several that have occurred in crosswalks. In response, the station has started a new campaign called 'Be Smart. Be Safe.' to draw attention to dangerous crosswalks and hopefully do something about the number of people who are injured or killed in crosswalks each year. Join us in this effort and sign our online pledge to be better drivers and pedestrians and spread the word.
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Soldier committed fraud 
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Cute story about kids at a local middle school who help a badly injured dog. This school is in a lower middle-class neighborhood and a lot of these kids don't have much themselves but they raised money to pay vet bill for dog.
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Now this is a great story. To many times we hear how kids are in we get to see kids being an asset to the community!

Way to go kids!
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Welcome to KTNV Channel 13 Action New's Google+ page. We are excited to welcome all our old and new friends to Google+ and look forward to sharing stories and information with you in this forum.
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