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Long time no see everyone! I wanted to share something I read this morning in relation to the horrible news in Florida last weekend combined with what some of the politicians have been saying.

Think well on this.

My grandmother still has a car parked outside her apartment at the age of 92 despite the fact that she probably shouldn’t be driving. And I asked her once why she still needed it and paid for parking.

“You never know when you’ll have to go.” She said. I laughed and assured her that that could never happen here in America. Not now.

“That’s what we said” was her response to me.

This website is supposed to be a place to come to escape. To forget your troubles and laugh for a little bit. But my father constantly reminds me that the biggest part of my job is making people think. So today, I’m sorry but I’m going to ask you to think a little bit.

Because for the first time in forever, I’m started to get scared.

Because my grandmother was right. And my grandfather was right. No guns. Never guns. And it could happen in America. Right now.

I’m starting to believe it could absolutely happen here

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Help Beethoven arrange (a few of) his masterpieces in today’s #GoogleDoodle

Challenge mode:  can you complete them all on the first try without either pre-listening to each piece, or playing any of the jumbled snippets?  (Sight readers will do this easily.)

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Add system updates to your travel preparation list

Updates for certain common plugins are being spoofed on guest connections at hotels, airports and probably other Wi-Fi hotspots. And you should not assume it's just Wi-Fi, it could also be an Ethernet cable connection in the hotel room, or at the guest services room at the conference center.

Travelers to (for now*) undisclosed foreign countries have become victims to malware being presented in a popup window that claims to be a well known and frequently updated plugin.

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