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Jacob Parrish
website maker, bitcoin advocate, vegetable juicer, and voluntaryist
website maker, bitcoin advocate, vegetable juicer, and voluntaryist

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IRS seized $107,000 from this business owner for making too many small cash deposits

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Highly recommend this video for anyone wanting to understand why bitcoin and its underlaying technology is so revolutionary. It is the first time ever that humans can have shared global history that cannot be altered. This has huge implications for things like licenses, contracts, deeds, titles, art royalties and much much more. Join the new era and give this new technology a try!

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Forgot to wish you a happy birthday, +Liz Parrish   Please forgive me. Have a glass of wine too! +ChangeTip 

+ChangeTip +Liz Parrish Have a cosmo on me! 

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Many people get concerned about the volatility Bitcoin, but in places like Argentina where the local currency decreases annually by 30%, bitcoin becomes extremely attractive. Great video and its only 12 minutes long. Enjoy!  
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