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Bill Holt
Broker ~ Consultant ~ Pittsburgh & Outer Banks Investment Analysis
Broker ~ Consultant ~ Pittsburgh & Outer Banks Investment Analysis

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The Shadow Swamp - Blackmail / Bribery / Isreal / U.S. = Pedophile Ring: MFA TV - March For America Founder "Scott J. Binsack" discusses what he calls "The Shadow Swamp" How Isreal's Mossad, Suadi Arabia, and the CIA control the U.S. Senate/Congress, the White House, and foreign Governments with blackmail and bribery using evidence gathered at convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Island. We are at civil war in the United States. Understand This!!

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Our March website is up. Follow the links from the fund to the site RedWhiteBlueRev.Com #ScottBinsack #MFA #MFANews #RedWhiteBlueRev17 

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The Open House Lie Real Estate Agents Love to Tell
Have you ever run into a real estate agent who pumps up open houses like they are the end all be all of marketing?

You have run into someone who is more concerned about their own wallet than yours.

Open houses are not necessary in the digital age and in fact put your valuables in danger of being lifted.

Real buyers schedule showings for homes they are interested in.

An open house is nothing more than a prospecting activity for a real estate agent to find clients.

The same "real" buyers who attend the open house would have scheduled a showing!

In his latest article, +Kevin Vitali explains why open houses are not necessary to sell a home.

There are also excellent contributions from other real estate pros including +Kyle Hiscock, +Debbie Drummond +Dustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor and +Market Watch Inc

Take a look and if you enjoy the article, give it a share socially.

#realestate #openhouse

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