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What's The Best Way To Travel With Your Dogs?
My husband and I travel with our dogs a lot. We visit
family, take little vacations and do sightseeing together. We’ve had Mocha four
years now, and we’ve learned a lot about taking trips with our dogs. When we first got Mocha, we tried putting him in the c...

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Do I Really Need to Crate Train?
This was one of my first questions when we got Mocha as a
puppy. I mean, I didn’t get this little 3 pounds of love to have him in a crate
all day while we worked. But we did crate train him because if we left him out
he’d get into trouble. One day I came ho...

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5 Steps to a Healthy, Pet-safe Lawn
We just bought our house last year, in 2014. Before that, we’d
rented for… well a decade! My husband grew up in a condo, so yard work isn’t
really his thing, but I grew up in the woods. We had a lawn, a forest, a couple
gardens and a driveway to take care o...

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Finding a Respectable Breeder
Shih-poo puppies at the breeder we got our boys from. Breeders – What’s the big deal? What’s the big deal with breeders? Why are so many people
convinced that’s the only type of dog they can get? Why are other people
convinced that it’s the most terrible cr...

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Where to start with dog training?
My little Mocha Bear that first week we got him. I've talked a bit about specific training ideas, including teaching your dog to come  to you, and teaching them to go outside in a way that is easy to handle. When Nathan and I were planning on getting Mocha,...

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Teaching your dog to go outside nicely
I think there are some basic doggie manners that every dog
can learn. These manners make the dog a joy to live with, and make the owner’s
life easier. Today I’m going to be talking about training your dog to go
outside nicely. For my dogs, training all the ...

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How do you choose an animal rescue when you're looking to adopt your next best friend?

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Dog breeder or rescue – What’s right for me? This is the first in a series of posts to help you decide if you should get a rescue dog or a dog from a breeder. There are a lot of people passionate on both sides of this
topic. Breeders and people who show dog...
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