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kraisy dave
43 followers - Android - Everyone deserves to get the most out of their device! Android - Everyone deserves to get the most out of their device!


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Access and Control Android devices remotely from Mac/Win/Web with #AirDroid3:
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Hello all,

Big tinyCam fan and long time user. I did however run myself into a problem. Upgraded to dlink 3200. I no longer get video on any HTTPS foscam such as C1 on my internal network. Video works via browser. All my http foscams video works correctly on timyCam. The pings all give the okay from tinyCam. I'm guessing a port issue, but I cannot crack it. Any thoughts?
Also, is there a link to the beta tinyCam now that I'm in the group? I would like to help. Thanks - Dave

Facebook hijacked chrome on my nexus 7. Anyone else catch that they are being tracked on everything they open if they ever visited Facebook? When I open a new tab Facebook symbol appears in the new tab at the top.
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Just double checking that everyone has reset their eBay passwords AGAIN! Yes, there are more flaws. And do not forget that you must also change your secret questions or your new fancy password will not help. All you tech experts please help your family and friends....
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I would venture to guess that most here on G+ do not have this issue... Unless maybe work makes you. Look out for major internet explorer bug. Do not use it till it is patched! Warn your friends.
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Old puppy earning dinner via Glass... He anticipated a little there.

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Glass via bicycle today...with a fun vid. All working fine thanks to 16.11. Still would like to see a flex point to move the screen slightly up as leaning over on the handlebars places it right in my line of sight.
St. Louis
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A fun bicycle ride #throughglass
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Just a short clip riding...give it a sec as it gets a bit of fun on the downhill. Tip- would like to see a flex point to raise the camera due to leaning over so far while riding. I tend to have the screen right in my sight.
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