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Get a unique perspective on your business with Eric "Upside" Brown.
Get a unique perspective on your business with Eric "Upside" Brown.

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Here's the new Upside Brown logo. What do you think?

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Website makeover: Before and after case study for the Educated Heart:

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Here is a free Facebook advertising course. Great information with no catches or strings attached:

"[Convince & Convert, a digital marketing agency] did a gap analysis to find out the biggest difference in tactics between the most and least effective marketing professionals. Two tactics—books and podcasts—are the factors that made the difference."

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Ever wonder how to differentiate yourself from your competitors? How do you get prospective customers to notice you and buy from you instead of the competition?

If you think your situation seems impossible, imagine trying to sell a blank paper notebook. This low cost commodity product is about as ordinary and uninteresting as you can possibly get.


... a company named Baron Fig has completely differentiated it's notebook, created demand and is charging a premium price for what is essentially bound blank paper.

How did they do it?

In a word: Design!

Design is one of the few true differentiating factors available to commodity products. And a visit to the Baron Fig site illustrates clean, elegant design with a singular focus: To position Baron Fig notebooks as a personal and precious tool.

Like the iPhone they do it without hype or excessive text, but rather with simple, elegant photos and a brief, concise point by point explanation of the reasons you want to own one. 

The design is minimal in the best sense possible with an intense focus on communicating value. No distractions. Few words. A clear path from beginning to buying.

And the experience of owning one of these notebooks is communicated in beautiful visual images that show the notebook in use. A look at the notebook being used in a creative setting or nicely place in a jacket pocket. It kind of makes you want one and sets you up to pay a premium price to get one.

Does it work? Check out the stats on their site ( or look at the incredible success of their Kickstarter campaign (

Now how can you use design to set yourself apart from your competition?

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