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OMG!! I need to start watching SNL again

"...what's that thing where you press it and it sprays out?"


I haven't laughed so hard in a long time (every pun intended).
The former porn stars (Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong) advertise a new fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana alongside Dong Juan De Dark Hole (Chris Hemsworth). [Season 40, 2015]
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I remember when I was a kid we used buy blank comic book pages and get snail-mailed "tryout" scripts from various companies and show them to professionals to get advice and tips. If you did awesome they would usually call you or fax you a script and you would have to do it all over again really quick.

those jobs paid poop and they treated you like trash due to your disposability and age. But the experience and exposure was priceless because by the time you were in your twenties you could use the f-word fluently over the phone at just about anyone who was messing with your money. Another valuable skill was the "homey hold back" to protect your friends from killing editors at cons and how to speed dial a lawyer and get a lawsuit going on autopilot in a day and a half.

Just a note, check out how far we are off topic now. Hahah!

This is a far discussion from sweaty mandles... or is it? >.>
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Free Kids Workshop @ Plant for the Planet Academy in Seattle and on Whidbey Island.

Students aged 8 to 14 are welcome to attend the all day workshop(s) in (parents can sign up to volunteer as well):

Seattle: Saturday, March 14th, 9am to 5:30pm

Whidbey Isl.: Saturday, March 28th, 10am - 7:30pm

From the website:

Come learn to serve your community as an Ambassador for Climate Justice. At this free day-long workshop 50 students (age 8-14) will learn to make a difference for the world as part of Plant For The Planet, an international group of 34,000+ young people worldwide who are planting trees and leading communities to solve the climate crisis now. The day culminates in an educational and moving slideshow presentation for families and the public as the world’s newest Ambassadors for Climate Justice share what they have learned from each other and make their commitments to plant and speak for the trees!

During the Academy children learn proper planting and more. They practice how to deliver a climate slideshow originally made by Felix years ago, and how to organize events to engage other children and adults in climate justice. Ambassadors get a free Plant-for-the-Planet T-shirt and the book “Tree by Tree” so they can learn more about how we plant now to shape our future.
Saturday, March 14th, 2015 9am - 5:30pm Duwamish Longhouse & Cultural Center, Seattle WA or join us on Saturday, March 28th, 2015 9am - 5:30pm Pacific Rim Institute, Whidbey Island WA   Co...
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Signed up, my daughter and I will be there.
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Saw this tractor trailer on my way home the other afternoon...and couldn't resist making a meme with it. Some, more than others, might see the humor in it.

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See, +James Salsman, I was totally going to write that...but realized it would cover the whole picture. 

Oh, and wash me!  ;-)
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This picture shared on behalf of the lady who kindly parked at the top of the very tight, 2 lane, "DO NOT PARK" Fire Lane of the Meridian Park / Cascade K-8 School(s) parking lot today. 

When told (by me) that she needed to move, Because it IS no parking - and so others could pull in front of said school(s) to get their kids - she gave a negligent hand wave from her window and yelled back repeatedly that she was, "picking up her son..." Riiiiiight, from the Fire Lane, while blocking the rest of the parents in line who are also trying to pick their kids up from the specifically posted safe locations beyond that curve? Nice going, ASS-HAT!
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Am I the only one who sees the irony at finding this in one of the required text books for my College Class on "Human Relations"?

For example, courtesy and good manners may be lacking in some younger employees. Dan Cathy, president and CEO of Chick-fil-A, currently offers etiquette classes to his employees to expand their knowledge on appropriate behaviors in dealing with customers. Cathy feels customer satisfaction is the company's key to success in his specialty business and is helping his employees know how to keep the customer happy.

I paid for this book...?
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I hear you +Ted Ewen - I've been running into a lot of, "WTF's??" with this book. I'm a bit amazed it's being used, to tell the truth. Either that, or I'm the only person stupid enough in the College to actually read it.
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As some of you know, I'm currently enrolled at Shoreline Community College for their Clean Energy Technology Degree. The College is once again hosting the NW SolarFest which is brought to you by the Shoreline Solar Project ( This event is free to attend (5,000+ peeps last year), family friendly and put together by volunteers every year. They'd love to see you at the Volunteer Meeting THIS 'SUN'day (and so would I!). Can't volunteer, but you're interested in attending the NW SolarFest as a visitor? Info for the event itself is also below so keep reading.

NW SolarFest Volunteer Meet & Greet & SWEL Time Bank Orientation

May 4, Sunday
3-5 pm
Shoreline Water District
1519 NE 177th Street
Shoreline, WA 98133
Google Maps

We invite you to learn about volunteering at NW SolarFest.

Shoreline Solar Project is producing the 11th Annual NW SolarFest held July 26th, 10 am -5 pm at Shoreline Community College.

Many hands are needed to plan, prepare and run the event. You can participate on the planning team, head up an area as named Coordinator, work on small or large projects, and/or volunteer the day of the fair.

There are many benefits to volunteering:

Earn service hours for community projects
Earn Time Bank hours with SWEL,
Showcase your talents
Work & play with like-minded people, those who wish to leave the world a better place
Volunteer t-shirt to stand out in a crowd
Access to well-stocked volunteer room day of event
Invite to NW SolarFest After Hours Party: food, music, special presentation from Mama Knows Her Cocktails (July 26, 6pm)

About the SWEL Time Bank:

Do you have a talent or passion that you can share? Would you like to learn a new hobby or could you use help around the home? Come learn how time banking facilitates the exchange of services, builds relationships and strengthens our communities one hour at a time. What is time banking? It’s neighbors exchanging time to help neighbors. At its most basic level, time banking is simply spending an hour doing something for somebody in your community. That hour goes into your time bank account as one credit hour. You then have a credit hour to spend on having someone else do something for you. All hours are valued equally. Joining the timebank gives you access to the talents, time, and skills of your neighbors, while giving you an opportunity to help others in meaningful ways. It's a great way to get connected with others in your community. Learn more at

If you are interested in earning Time Bank hours for your volunteer service at NW SolarFest you are required to attend a orientation. If you bring your SWEL membership application you can join the Time Bank and bank one hour. To speed up processing bring your application to the meeting. Note you need at least two non-family references. You can get the application here:

Can’t make the date but still interested?

Contact or call 206-306-9233
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+Jim Philips free is good. Being present is even better!  ;-) Who knows, maybe one year this event will take off and you'll see some version of it at locations all over the world.
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Is the DEA trying to pull a rabbit out of a hemp hat? Or, just pulling the cotton(tail) over our eyes... You decide.
The Utah State Senate is considering a bill that would make it legal for people with "chronic and debilitating diseases" to consume edible medical marijuana. But no one has paused to consider the effect that will have on the woodland creatures of Utah; a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration warned today that they'll all likely get hooked on the pot.
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+Thomas Price I immediately thought of you when I saw this:
– Styx and Tesla Set To Join The Tour As Special Guests – 
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I listen to kiss montley crue ozzy meda death. Acdc guns n roses def leppard aerosmith ah ha green day queen black sabbaath moterhead pantera. And I dont lisen to modern day computer generated crap
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The Power of Poop If this was Super Hero Power, what would that Hero look like? 
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Hello Kristi!! So good to see your name in my stream again!

This 17 minute TED on our microbiome supports the headline... Chances are good that the transplant came from an overweight person. Very educational!

Fascinating how the biosphere permeates us. We tend to think of ourselves as separate individuals from the other inhabitants of Earth, but we are all of the same family, living in the same house.
Much of our health is a reflection of the symbiosis with our microbiome.
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"Why should I have to rearrange my life – and change careers, essentially – because you wet your pants every time a woman talks?"

Best line ever! :D I've known a few people (men & women) that were like that, too.

In other news, "Don't Be a Troll!"
I’m often deluged with hate online, but after one troll stole my dead dad’s identity to abuse me, I decided to ask him why
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+Jim Philips - I believe she makes mention of that fact towards the end. However, I think she has a pretty realistic bead on why trolling happens. I know, back in my CB days, that when you got someone (who talked trash about everyone and everything) out from behind their microphone - you'd think they were a different person. There is some sort of disconnect that happens to people's morals / values (for lack of a better way to describe it) when people aren't face to face and accountable to others for their mongering. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule..but for the most, yeah.
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HELP! - Problems with my LCD Computer screen. I'm unclear if just my LED's are burning out (that's what I'm assuming) or if the screen inverter is bad (does it even have one??). 

What I need help with figure out is if (in my Toshiba NB 505 mini NETBOOK) the LED's or inverter are a separate unit from the screen itself? I can get a replacement screen on Amazon for $35 with free 2 day shipping and there are several tutorials on youtube showing how to easily swap it in less than 10 minutes...but I have no clue if a., I need to replace the whole screen to fix this, b., can I just replace the LED's in my existing screen (and, if at $35 for a replacement screen, is it worth the hassle) or c., if it is JUST the inverter, then figuring out how to get/replace it.

I'm not asking for someone to 'fix' it so much as to help me properly diagnose it - if possible - without dropping $50 to find out from a comp repair place.

Issue: For almost a year the verticle 'line' on the right was lighter than in the picture until this evening when it got twice as dark (less lit up - some flickering before it went darker). Then, right after that, the line on the left showed up (flickering like someone turning a light on and off for a couple of minutes). However, once the 'lines/areas' are dim, they do NOT flicker at all - just a permanent dimming of that area on the screen. I hope the picture explains it better than I did!

Any help/direction is appreciated. Thanks!
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Awesome +Joe Smith! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this as I love my netbook and would like it to last as long as possible.  :-)
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PSA of the Day Heads-up, +Woot and - be smarter than the box you're shipping things to +Jeff G in!
Googleverse.  I’m hoping you can help me do something good for someone else on day 2 of my #fivedayquest   .

Less than a month ago, I ordered something from Woot!  It came in a typical brown shipping box left at my door.  When I had time, I unboxed everything and played with my new toy.  The shipping box was forgotten in the garage.

Several days later, as I was breaking the box down for recycling, I tilted it upside down.  An uncharacteristic thunk made me look twice among the packing materials.

What I found was a personal object that had no business being at the bottom of a shipping box.  I expect it fell in while my new toy was being packed for shipping. Not just a personal object, but one that is likely of great sentimental value to its’ owner.

I contacted Woot! customer service.  They repeatedly asked me to inform them what fell off the product so they could replace it.  After several attempts to explain, re-explain, speak to a supervisor, I gave up.

So here I am, asking you to pass this post around until I can be put in touch with someone who can help me return this object to its’ owner.  Hopefully someone in +Woot  or  HR will be able to help.
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Skating somewhere under a rainbow...

I am fiction personified. 

I never grew up, I still ask, "Why?"

My preference is to browse a person's profile/stream before I add them to my circles. If I see nothing there I won't even think about adding you. If all you have is women circled, I will block you.


I have a sense of humor...along the lines of Monty Python and Benny Hill (I was raised watching both). So, please keep that in mind when you browse my stream or see my innuendo laden comments on other users posts - and don't be a hater. 

I do not want 'rotten crotch' pictures (from anyone) popping up on my monitor. You share that crap and you will be blocked and reported asap. If you have a NSFW circle, it's probably best if you keep me out of it should it involve a lot of pics. I have 2 daughters that can usually see the monitor at any given time and I don't want to have to stress about them seeing age inappropriate stuff. The people who share links, and label them before hand as NSFW, are my hero's :) 
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