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Just checked my e-mail and saw this - I'll be there...just not exactly sure on the 'time' as I'm waiting for the last child to be picked up by her dad (who is on time about 5% of the time). 10:30am is the designated p/u time, but it's gone as late as 11:30am'ish. Shoot me an e-mail with the location or phone # to make contact!

Also, is today just 'moving to the new location' or is it also 'clean up the old place'? Just so I know what accouterments to bring with me and my truck
Help us, Seattleite friends. You are our only hope. Maybe what we need is... a Doctor. Choose your fandom, but Chez Kirkland needs your help if you're willing. You see, we're moving. You knew that, because I've told you befor...
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I have shared it to public  earlier, +Jenn Kirkland :) keeping all my fingers crossed for you
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Solar Powered Water Distiller

Wouldn't do as much for us here in the PNW, but still a great invention for areas sun rich and clean water poor.
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+Bjarne Svejstrup, I imagine some government, in some country, will manage to tax the sky at some point - if it's not already happening.
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Kristi Forcier

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A documentary about Genetically Engineered Trees all over the world For sterile, chemically resistant trees used to kill local flora and fauna for our food and paper products. 

It boggles the mind.
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Rice production could raise by 13 to 36% - based on breeding research done by the International Rice Research Institute - and all without Genetic Engineering (GMO).

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Yes, +George Beckingham, it is probably safe to say that GMO foods are heavily tested (for resistance to pesticides and herbicides, etc.), just not the type of testing the end consumer is necessarily looking for.

However, since (to a certain degree) Science has become the new Religion, for the most part, companies only have to say they 'tested' something and people eat it up (literally and figuratively), without asking WHAT it was tested for, tested on or for how long.   *sigh*  :(
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This looks like it's going to be fascinating - and it's located in Canada! Not the first place most people think of awesome fruit/vegetable organic production. Which, shows that it can be done just about anywhere, when it's done right.
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I just now saw your response to my last comment, good for you!
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Kristi Forcier

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You know you're moving up in the Spam world when you find yourself included in an e-mail that is also addressed to Bill Gates, et al.


Time to work on those filters, Google.
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Kristi Forcier

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Bite of Cascade & Artfest is happening this evening, from 6:30 - 8:30pm, in the cafeteria of the Meridian Park School in Shoreline (175th & Meridian).

The event is free to attend, with live music, but food tickets are $1 each OR 25 for $20. Each ticket gets you a 'Bite" of food of your choice (while supplies last). I'll be there with my Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Frosted Orange Cookies. 

Come check out the student art and food if you're in the area and help us raise money for the school.

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Thank you for the link, +Nikhil Gore! I'll have to check it out later  as I need to get going now.

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Kristi Forcier

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The Cramer brothers should be ecstatic - new Princess Leia costumes to parade around in!  :P

+Scott Cramer +Keith Cramer 

#starwars     #maytheforcebewithyou  
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Oh my, meesa sure hopes so! ;-)
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