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Nice you could solve the problem.

Is there any known bug with Papermill and the sharing menu?

When I send links from the browser to papermill it works fine, but when I use the same Android share menu to send links from my favorite reader app (Reader HD - to Papermill it doesn't appear in my instapaper account. Not sure why it happens. When I send from Reader HD to other services it works.

It's just a bit annoying because I get the toast from Papermill that it was added successfully while it wasn't.
+Leif Sikorski Hi Leif. Yes, a few people have mentioned that sharing doesn't seem to work from various apps. The problem is partly that various apps share in different ways - some just send along an intent with the URL, some add the description or title, and some use a slightly different field. For the moment I've taken a very 'loose' approach - don't attempt to parse any 'real' URLs (a pretty tricky task to begin with) but instead just try to add whatever text is there, broken up by whitespace, to your Instapaper queue.
It is not a great approach.
I'm downloading Reader HD now. I'll see if what approach using to share URLs and, if there's time, I'll try to add a fix in for the next update (currently due Wednesday).
Let me know if there are any other specific apps that you have problems sharing with.
+Papermill Hi. Usually I'm not using so many sources. With the Browser it works pretty fine and also the official Google Reader App I've used before worked very well (except it didn't got the headlines sometimes). Just ran into the problem when I switched from Google Reader to Reader HD, which is a beautiful Google Reader App in my opinion.

Edit: I figured out that the Reader HD App allows me to change in the settings if I want to share title and url, or url only. If I switch to URL only it works fine with Papermill.
+Leif Sikorski Okay, I've put together a better, smarter method of sharing which seems to work with both just links and links-and-text. Will be included in Wednesday's update.
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