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Lisa Durbin
I quite like cake.
I quite like cake.

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bodycoach: cycle three review
So I had this post in draft form and never got around to writing it. Hellooooo. This is what having children and being a certain age does to your brain. To be fair to the Bodycoach programme, this last review will be pretty brief and based on memory, of whi...

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but i only just got used to writing 2016 on everything
Christ on a bicycle, where did 2016 go? We've heard a lot about what a crappy year it's been, what with a lot of Gen X's favourites dropping dead, Brexit, and the fact that people voted for a Cheeto (with the IQ to match.) End of days. It can only get bette...

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review: sticks n sushi cambridge
Right at the start of Meat Street (depending on which direction you're coming from, obviously) is Sticks N Sushi, a Danish chain with restaurants in London and now Cambridge. Yes, Danish. Why the hell not? I'm half Japanese and half Scottish; I'm all for fu...

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bodycoach: cycle two review
The second cycle arrived and I'm filled with joy. I can pick and choose ingredients and make up my own recipes! Carbs three meals a day on training days! Pasta, tortillas, bread, rice, and potatoes! But...wait...carb day also means low fat day. So it's kedg...

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bodycoach: cycle 1 review
I'm no stranger to diets. Short of meal replacement shakes, I think I've tried them all. The only thing that has worked for me has been guilt. I have a personal trainer (which sounds very pretentious and uppity, but it's really not) and I feel so, so guilty...

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*bong! another new year's here*
The good news is, this year I don't have the plague. I had a little bit of a chesty thing a couple of weeks ago, but nothing a couple of extra pillows and a Sudafed couldn't fix. We had a brilliant time at Disneyland Paris and I thoroughly enjoyed letting s...

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Preview: Cambridge Gin Laboratory
In addition to my husband, children, and a really good steak, there are two other ways into my heart: gin and Labrador Retrievers. You know those Saint Bernard dogs in cartoons that rescue people stranded in mountains with a small barrel of spirits attached...

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Mia bambina. You're eight now! You helped bake your own cake and decorated it all yourself. You had your rollerskating birthday party today and supper at Jamie's Italian afterwards. The fact that you picked out your outfit last night and were very specific ...

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school daze
How I miss the days of nursery. Drop children off whenever, pick them up whenever(ish), no term breaks or summer holidays to fill up, no lunches to pack, no homework, and no letters home asking for random things. These days, this is what every week is like ...

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Penang soup
I have a cold, but just a little cold. Not enough to knock me right out, but enough to be really annoying. I can't cough with much vigour because my abdominal muscles (who knew I even had any?) still hurt from my Wednesday workout. I'm doing tiny little lad...
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