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What is resonating for me today is:

"You are who you surround yourself with".

This is so true and there is wonderful energy around this at the moment. See your friends for who they really are, what is their purpose, what are they putting out to the universe and is that what you want to be involved in?
Take stock, look around, go deep within and start to surround yourself with the people who help make you shine!!

YOU deserve it, 120%!!!
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Today and the last few days I have had connections with and noticed women who give their heart and soul into something and maintain that firm hold of control over every part of their business. This is obviously a message for me and I am receiving it loud and clear as I know there is a tendency for me to do the same.
So, I am aware that I need to let others do things for me, that I can let things go and share the burden with others as they are capable of doing things. I just need to communicate to them what needs doing and how they can do that job. a life long lesson.
This has also made me realise that we are all driven by our needs, the need for love, the need for approval, the need for inclusion, the need for acceptance etc. Most of the time we don't take the time out to figure out what those needs are and how we can fulfil them on our own. Usually we try to make other's fulfil them and this only causes conflict and disappointment. So today I am taking the time out to assess my needs and how I can fulfil those needs.
Enjoy today and notice the signs for what you need to be learning from.
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Affirmations!! These are so powerful and I know everyone is always on about affirmations but I am finally feeling their effects. I think the energy has shifted and the veil is so thin that we can literally think something and it is done!!
My affirmations are "I am valuable, I am precious, I am worthy, I am worthy of self-love, my time is precious". These have just transformed my thinking. Every time a negative lack of worth thought has happened, I switch to the, "I am worthy" and I feel that energy rise in me. So I am now thinking constantly throughout the day, damn I am worthy, damn I do deserve happiness and love, damn I do deserve a million dollars. oh so forth. it is changing the way I want to spend my money, how I want to live and what I expect for myself.
Finally, I am believing I am worthy and that is huge!! The crystal that shifted this for me was Morganite, the crystal of self-love and loving relationships. A member of the beautiful Beryl family, this high vibration crystal will take you on a journey to fully love yourself in all of your glory and allow you to have a loving relationship with yourself and others.
"Know you are deserving of a loving, divine relationship and it is time to now fully embody and believe this for yourself"
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I was reading a beautiful book the other day that reminded me about your energy and how important it is to, cleanse, balance, ground and protect, all those things i keep forgetting to do on a daily basis. my reminder from spirit that i need to do these things every day, and every morning and every night has seen me do them and it is making a huge difference to my energy levels, my crankiness levels and my sanity!!
So firstly, cleansing your aura: there are a number of ways to do this, but my favourite is to use a psychic vacuum that starts at your feet and you visualise all the black and stagnant energy you have picked up during the day being sucked up to the heavens, start at your feet and work your way up to the head and all around the body as you go.
Next, i imagine a beautiful thread of golden light coming down from the centre of the universe, filling me up, breathing it down through my crown chakra, into my heart and all the way to my feet. then i grow roots out the bottom of my feet to connect with mother earth and send that golden light all the way down to her heart. then i breath mother earth's beautiful green healing supportive energy up the roots, up into my feet, up my body into my heart and then up into my crown and out into the universe. i am then a conduit of light for universal energy and mother earths energy. I breath these two energies for a bit, maintaining that connection.
Then protecting your energy each day and setting up your boundaries. This is what I need the most help with as I easily give out my energy to anyone and I easily pick up their stuff all the time. So for me, I imagine a big eggshell that is around me, it is full of the golden light and it doesn't let any negative stuff in, sort of deflects it all. you can also imagine mirrors up all around you to send back the negative stuff, or if you need loads of protection, ask Archangel Michael to put a big purple cloak over you, one with a hood for the head. this last one is great for shopping centres.
I didn't realise how bad it had become, but by the end of each day, I am scattered, tired, low in energy, cranky at the kids and I have now become aware it is because I have picked up too much of everyone elses stuff. if at any point you suddenly feel drained of energy, or irritated at something or someone, take a check of your energy, what is happening right in that moment. are you picking up on someone else's stuff or is there  cord between the two of you and your energy is being taken?
I am practicing knowing where my energy ends and other's begins. I have never been very good at boundaries, so you may see a few more posts as I learn more about these!
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I have a beautiful story for a Sunday morning to brighten your day, it is a bit long but well worth it.

This week was a challenge financially and we had just enough for petrol for two cars, one bill and a bit of food to get us through for a few days till more was coming in. I checked the account before heading to Aldi but by the time i got to the checkout with the groceries an unexpected payment came out and it was declined. So there i was embarrassed, pulling my trolley off to the side, checking the account, people everywhere (always feels like the store is full at that point doesn't it?), my kids pulling at me asking me what was wrong. Logistical nightmare. i kept my calm, sorted out how much was in there, started to give the lady what i wanted to keep, she said, "oh just give me what you don't want and we will start taking it off". ok, head was spinning, couldn't think, and just at that moment a lady walked up  to the checkout, "how much does she need" she says, "i will just pay it". i was shocked, trying to say no its ok, i only need a few things, its all good. she looked at me and said "i have been here before, someone has done this for me, i want to pay it forward". she then proceeded to pay the entire grocery bill. i was in tears, i gave her a hug and i just couldn't stop crying whilst packing my groceries into the bags.

i realised later that it was not only a beautiful gesture for me but for everyone else in the store at that moment. the checkout lady said "see it all worked out" and smiled, and all the other people around me were smiling at me. it was like for about 15 or so people that morning, they had witnessed a random act of kindness that lifted all of our spirits and gave us that back that faith in humanity. one simple act, a huge ripple of kindness spread throughout the store. so powerful.

our finances are totally in the clear as of next week, so i did feel guilty that we didn't need it, but a voice in my head said, "no, mandy, accept this", something i normally wouldn't do. she definitely gave it to the right person as i am committed to paying this forward as soon as that opportunity arises in front of me.

It filled my heart with such joy and every time i use one of those groceries i smile and i am hugely grateful to that lady. there is strength and humility in accepting what the universe provides for you. let the universe provide for you and lovingly accept with a smile and gratefulness. i have a renewed faith that the universe has my back, it always does.

also, pay it forward is alive and well in our society!! love it!!
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Notice the signs, when things get dark, notice when someone reaches out to you, or if finances are low, notice when the universe gives you a hand, even if it is just a dollar coin on the floor, that is a sign that more is to come. The universe, your angels, they are all there to help you and will do when it appears there is no hope. Notice that light they hand you. xoxo
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I am in the mood for clearing, cleansing and rejuvenating!! How is your house, stagnant old energy lying around? I gave my daughter's room a big old clean on the weekend and could feel those stagnant energy being sucked up by the vacuum. Now to placing crystal grids under the bed.
One for sleep is 4 rose quartz in the corners of the room, a hematite and an amethyst under the bed, kind of centring them. Or you can set up a smaller grid with all these crystals under the bed, use clear quartz points to activate it and beautiful, peaceful, loving, grounding grid for your child to get a good night's sleep!!
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