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We're doing a happy dance. Content Sell podcast No.1 in New and Noteworthy. Catch the latest episodes, here:

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Always great to speak with the talented +Belinda Weaver 
I was chuffed to be on the 100th episode of Social Media for Small Business with +Suzi Dafnis and +Cat Matson.  

We chatted about copywriting across social media, using video in your marketing (particular Periscope live streaming) and developing an authentic, conversational voice for your business.

#copywriting #socialmedia #marketing #podcast #tips

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Hi there,  Hope you're having a good Monday.

You may have seen some of our emails about the coming Email Marketing Edge program being run on 5, 10, 17 and 24 November from 10.30am - 12.00pm AEDT.   We're so excited about what the course has to offer you and the results that you'll get from your email marketing a result of taking part.

The course is just $397 for members (a saving of $200 off the full price).

The course information (and a link to the order form) are here: and the doors are due to shut at midnight tonight.  

Let me know if you'd like to participate and we'll get you locked in.  

Best wishes,  Suzi

PS Go here for more details. 

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PR Opportunity - Share your knowledge with 30,000 readers of Women in Business

Get your article published on the ABN website and in the Women in Business newsletter and you'll reach over 30,000 women in our community. Plus we'll promote your story across our social networks. We are now open to submissions and you can apply here:

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Our Online Entrepreneurs' Roundtables (mastermind sessions for women in business) are now open to the world. Belinda joined this morning from the west coast of the USA>
I just attended an online Round Table hosted by the +Australian Businesswomen's Network. I sorely missed these in-person brainstorming sessions when I moved and I'm thrilled with the online format.

I couldn't find a sitter and the time zones meant I was cooking and serving a toddler's dinner during the session BUT I still got some fantastic ideas for my current brain riddling challenge. Ideas I definitely wouldn't have thought of myself.

Once the creature is in bed, it's time for a G&T and a bath and some mulling over time. 

Thanks to +Suzi Dafnis  and the ABN team for bringing them online! 

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If you've been thinking about starting a podcast, you might be interested in this interview I recorded with +Suzi Dafnis from the Australian Businesswomen's Network.

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Ready? We're live with @nireyal at 12pm AEDT to talk about habit-forming products. Grab some lunch and join us here at #abnbooked - it's free.

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Simplicity will increase client engagement. Learn how in tomorrow's webinar:

I know it's early days but would love any examples of Aussie companies using #meerkat (let me know!)

Hello video makers ;-) Putting together a 'checklist' of tips for choosing great backgrounds for your marketing videos. What are yours?
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