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Nos complace presentar el primero de una serie de eventos, en los que entrevistaremos a desarrolladores/ingenieros especializados en diferentes tecnologías, para que nos respondan a ciertas preguntas que nos puedan ser útiles y/o determinantes a la hora de dirigir nuestra carrera profesional en el mundo del desarrollo.

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Guys! How do you manage copying formatted code from AS to your presentations? Copy on steroids was a good plugin some time ago but now it became incompatible and I haven't found anything. #AndroidDev


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Ayer salió +César Díez en el Periódico Menorca ¿Lo has visto?

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Go go go!!

Estaré hablando de "Desarrollo de Apps para Usuarios, sin morir en el intento"
¡Al fin el GDG Menorca sale a la luz!
Nuestro primer evento y presentación con algunas charlas de gran interés. Es un evento público y todo el mundo es bienvenido.

(la ubicación y la hora se confirmarán en breve)

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I really like this video. Recommended to everyone ^^

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#androidDev  Here are my slides shown in my talk on the Spanish GDG summit today.

I've been talking about user interface, android resources, architecture, and some libs and resources for for further reading.

So now... Devs are saying that using #RelativeLayout  is a bad idea. Then LinearLayouts inside LinearLayouts is more efficient than that?

I can imagine it depends the amount of views wrapped into the relative...

But... typical example with row and X textviews one right to the other one... What would you recommend? I'm still using Relative in situations with few childs


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This is me everyday at work:

I have a question related to fragments.

I need to have 5 or 6 fragments within an activity (not at the same time).

I'd like to have a back stack withouth having to restart them. I have two options:

1) Using add() 
2) Using replace()

If I add() a fragment to any container, I'm overdrawing, because it's painted on the top. If I press back, this fragment is not being recreated

If I replace() a fragment to any container, I'm not overdrawing, because the whole container it's replaced by fragment layout. But if I press back, the fragment before is recreated.

Is there any option for not overdrawing and having all of them on the stack? Maybe some kind a trick like hiding and showing every transaction and control the onBackPressed() ?

Thank you!!

#androiddev   #fragments  
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