Your DNA on a chip.
The other world-changing thing I saw tonight

I didn't just see the Google Glass on +Sergey Brin tonight (I can't wait for +Thomas Hawk to post his high-resolution images, neat to see the press go crazy over our photos tonight at ) but Han Cao, founder and chief scientific officer at BioNano Genomics showed me this chip. See BioNano's website here:

Costs about $1,000 to make, so you'll pay about $5,000 to use it retail. Can only be used once. But what does it do? It will make a photo of your DNA.

Here's the text off of their web site that explains why this is awesome -- soon our entire genome will be turned into a database so you'll know just how likely your potential future kids will have some weird disease. I saw this at the Foundation Fighting Blindness fundraising dinner (details at ):

BioNano Genomics introduces an altogether better way of looking at DNA and other long biomolecules. With our revolutionary new platform, you can conduct unique studies to gain a complete picture of genome biology, including DNA structural variation that current tools fail to highlight.

Combining the latest in nanotech and biotech, our soon-to-launch nanoAnalyzer System allows you to visualize the whole genome, capturing extremely long molecules at high resolution. With this big-picture context in hand, you can:

Achieve more complete assemblies using a detailed view of the whole genome for de novo assembly and finishing
Gain novel insight into structural variants that underlie phenotypic variation
Unlock true genome biology with a range of applications that leverage single-molecule imaging of genomic architecture and context
Avoid the hassle and bias of amplification or shearing and dissect complex mixtures at single-molecule level, rather than losing rare variants in an averaged measurement. This cost-effective, high-throughput platform allows you to visualize whole genomes and view your findings in a broader context.
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