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Pratt Farm Trail GPS Map
The following map displays the walking trail through Pratt Farm in Middleboro, MA. The map was created using a GPS to track and plot the points as it went through the trail. The GPS used for this project was the MyTrax App for Apple iPhone. After the trail ...

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Fire Truck Response Times for the Town of Middleboro, Massachusetts
1. Select a town in Massachusetts with at least 3 fire stations (you can download these point locations from MassGIS) 2. Determine the area of the town that can be reached from the existing fire stations in 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes using the service areas t...

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20 Mile Radius Around Massachusetts Community Colleges
Is there any place in Massachusetts more than 20  miles away from a community college? Visualize your answer using a map.  Use the Euclidian Distance tool in the ArcGIS DesktopToolbox and  the “GenerateServiceAreas” tool in the logistics services via ArcGIS...

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Distances Between Massachusetts Community Colleges and MBTA Commuter Rail Stations
The map above shows all of the locations of Massachusetts Community Colleges and the distances to the closest MBTA commuter rail stations. A few of the colleges have multiple locations; therefore, there may be multiple pin points for each college. There are...

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Mount Saint Mary's Turbine Visibility
The nuns at St. Mary’s Abbey in Franklin, MA want to upgrade the wind component of their solar/wind farm. They want to upgrade their small wind turbine to a larger 1800 kW turbine. The newer model generates more power, but is significantly taller than the c...

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Plymouth County Solar Wind Farms
You are volunteering
with the Kingston Green Energy Committee. Many of the towns in Plymouth County
are working together to identify green energy options, specifically the
development of combined solar and wind farms. The Committee learned that you
are a GI...

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Suitable Locations for a Bio-Tech Industrial Park
You are a GIS Specialist working for the City of Brockton Planning Department. The mayor wants to stimulate the local economy by creating a new industrial park for Bio-Tech industry based on 3 criteria: 1. The parcel has to be at least 10 acres in area 2. T...

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Pulaski Boulevard Corridor Plan AparSim
Planning Board of Bellingham is trying to pass a new bylaw that would
revitalize an area of their Town . Previous attempts in
presenting the concept to the Town were voted down. The Town Planner recommends
reattempting the process, but this time with gr...

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