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Here is the first video we did using a +GoPro Hero2HD camera, suction cup mount & the included waterproof housing.

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Doing a small project? Able to use a remnant? Great! Now you can get 40% off retail. Call or stop in today! -mm

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Here are some kitchen & wetbar photos
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Here is a video created from time-lapse photos taken with a +GoPro Hero2HD using the suction cup mount & waterproof housing. Photos were re-sized & cropped (1920x1080) using PaintShopPro and then assembled using GoPro CineForm Studio. The part being machined is a portion of the curved molding to go around a stained-glass "window" made of 3-layers of laminated 2cm Breccia Oniciata marble.

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More photos available on our website!
Bathrooms (3 photos)
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We share the most on twitter so far, looking at spending some time on + now.
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