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Jenny Smith
Amateur Photographer who loves to photograph Nature, Sunsets, and Up close. Stay at home mom, Army wife, Love my family, Love to laugh and have fun!
Amateur Photographer who loves to photograph Nature, Sunsets, and Up close. Stay at home mom, Army wife, Love my family, Love to laugh and have fun!

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+Josh Smith  check this out!! How awesome is this?!?!
Oh dear lord. The awesomeness. It burns.

Google’s “seeing with your hand” concept has recently been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The wearable devices involves a combination of cameras on the fingertips, gyroscopes, a compass, accelerometer, motion sensors, CPU, memory, onboard storage and wireless communications. It’s basically a computer you can wear on your hands.

I can't wait to pretend I'm Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

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ugh I knew I would not like Windows 8 and what irks me is I know at some point I will be forced to upgrade! I am big into games> i do not want to have to jump thru hoops just to play a game nor do I care to sign into some lame gamer tag crud to get onto my comp! lame! I do not use Xbox, nor do my kids, they used to, but then that shitty system and its ring of death cost me about 2 grand and that was the end of that! I really dislike the interface too! Seriously if I want to use a windows phone, which is all this reminds me of then I will, but this is just extreme craziness! They have completely and utterly changed windows and I realllly dislike it! I may just switch to Mac! Been thinking of getting one for photo editing anyways, but how good are they with games?! Ugh!

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awesome! I love Google+!!
More ways to control what you read and share

Last year we launched volume "sliders" to help you tune the posts in your main stream (, and since then we've extended this feature across Google+. Today we're excited to roll out three related improvements that give you even more control over what you read and share.

1) Whether it's family members or epic bros, we've all got circles of friends whose content we don't want to miss. By moving a circle's slider all the way to the right, you can now get notified whenever they share something new.

2) For these select circles, we often have news we really want to share -- like getting engaged, or landing a job. In these cases you can now check "Also send email" when sharing, to help make sure your friends see your message.

3) Finally, we all have a chatty Cathy (or Charles) in our circles. We still want to enjoy their posts in the stream, but we don't want a notification every time they share with us. Now you can do exactly that: just click “Mute” from notifications or their profile.

We're rolling out these features over the next day or two, so check back soon if you don't see them yet. We hope you enjoy these new improvements, and we look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments!

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Ahhhh I so want this!! +Josh Smith Can I buy a 3ds so I can get this? Pretty pretty please?!?!

+Josh Smith last one to check out

+Josh Smith check this out too
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