So there's no way to share photos that are in your galleries from mobile Google plus? 
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Most gallery applications have a share feature. Long as you have the Google+ application installed it should appear on the share dialog menu. Oh, and I agree QuickPic is awesome!
I was trying to share a pic that's already in my gallery but, I see no option to do so...
Droid X... Long press does nothing and there's no share option around the photo or in the menu.
What rom I have a Droid x running rooted stock when I go into gallery I long press on picture and it brings up a menu one of the options is share when you hit that a list of apps that allow sharing or camera apps come up
My X is completely stock and long press does nothing. No biggie, I will do it when I get home.
Same, it's pretty cool and a lot better than the stock gallery. Ohhh, the picture I wanted to share was on my Google plus gallery not on my phone. 
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