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John Ryan
I enjoy social media the internet and messing around.
I enjoy social media the internet and messing around.
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Read the article and you will understand !

Kred Influencer: +JUSTIN MATTHEW 

Justin Matthew is a Social Media Specialist and viral video maker for popular YouTube network HouseholdHacker, which has over 1.2 million subscribers and 167 million views for fun science education videos like “Defying Gravity” and “Boil Water With Ice!”  

Follow Justin at @JMHHacker or read his social media tips at

Justin says in an interview:

How do you use your influence to better your community?

It means everything to me. I spend hours a day trying to help others.
I know that may sound routine but I can back it up. I started a second Twitter channel called @TheJmhhacker to support content creators.
I also founded a forum with the sole purpose of offering support and advice to each other.

How does generosity enhance your online relationships?

Generosity enhances every relationship.  It goes hand in hand with influence. I try to interact and care about everyone that contacts me and go out of my way to try to help them. Without generosity, I would not be where I am today.


And it is so true!

#generosity   #support   #help   #relationship   #Kred   #influencer   #success  

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THIS WILL BE A MONSTER SHARE! The First Snowballcircle. Time to rock the gplus community! #Thesnowballcircle Keep this simple! 1. ADD the circle 2 Share the post 3. Plus the post. 4. Comment to be added. BAM that is all easy right!? #circleshare #circlesharing #sharedpubliccircles #snowballcircle #hyberballcircle #publicsharedcircles  

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I CALL THIS BEASTMODE! For those lucky enough to be fine it CONGRATULATIONS> If not this time make sure you ADD SHARE then PLUS the circle. Then leave a comment and I will happily add you to the next one!

I will not stop until we reach 100, 150 perhaps 200 shares!!! ALL IN!
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How does 1 go from 0 to a thriving business in social media in 2 years? First off verify LinkedIn recs

Also a top 25 best seller on Amazon about google+?

From out of nowhere in less then 2 years I built a successful social media company. HOW? This post tells the story. Exited the corporate world on my own and due to my skills in business that led to managing one of the largest Youtube companies in the world for 2 years.

I then went off and started my own company JM Consulting, where I advised companies on anything they needed me for regarding profit margins and social media. That led to making 60,000 on fiverr in 6 months via social media which finally brought me to the founding of

We currently work with over 100 clients many of which have left LinkedIn recommendations (some multi million dollar companies) and I have had over 8000 since I started down this road. Take a look for yourself nothing like real evidence to back it up.

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OK awesome on each #snowballcircle share we average 155 engagements. I have passed 23,000 folllowers gaining 1300 a month. TO BE A PART of the most active circle on google plus it is simple!

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 Share of the snowball circle. To be included it is quite simple 1. Plus the Post . 2. Share the Post. 3, Add the circle. Once you have done this request in comments to be added it is that simple!! Happy connecting due to this process I have gained 22,000 great Google plus connections. Do the same! #snowballcircle #snowballcircle2 #circleshare #circlesharing #sharedpubliccircles

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important when it comes to getting your blog/website ranked higher in search engines. This is very helpful when you want your blog to receive more targeted traffic. I have gathered a list of my top 8 FREE tools and services for SEO to help you out with your blog/website. #seomarketing #seotips #jmhhacker #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #jmhhackerblog #bloggintips #blogging #bloggingtips #freetips  

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Hi all my friend Shei pronounced as the editor of Christian Dating Guide, and she started this website.

In her words  "I am totally sick of 2 things. First, the large number of websites that are masquerading as the voice of the Jesus providing 'Christian dating services' to unsuspecting Christians.

Secondly, the large number of Christians who are struggling in their relationships and marriages, and the worse part is this, many of them are not even aware of it!"

 For more info check it out below #christian #christiandating #bible #christiandatingguide  
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