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surely cityville could come up with an easier way to collect gifts & offer the help people ask for, this is taking forever.
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Hopefully they fix it soon, I have so many i think I've missed and keep doing the same ones cause they don't delete when done!!! So annoying!!
Or the whole thing hangs up and you can't tell if it went through or not. I don't know if I've sent a ton of things or nothing... I can't tell what worked and what didn't!
its not Cityville itself.. in the FB version you have a big list when you get into the game and it is very easy AND you don't lose things. This G+ version needs a lot of work. Hopefully it will get better :)
Zynga is damn slow in removing bugs..hope they do it faster here..or they will make g+ suffer..
FWIW, in case anyone else didn't know: I learned that it helps to empty the cache (see forum for instructions). Did it, works better for a little while then need to do it again... Doesn't fix everything but it helps...
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