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Experienced FPS Gaming Community

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Congrats to DeeDee02082011 on her promotion to Lance Corporal!

Congrats to x_jarhead on his promotion to Lance Corporal!

Congrats to SC-Quik on his promotion to PS3:BO II Matadors (ST) Squad Assistant!

Congrats to RaTiOnAl-OnE on his promotion to R&T Education Department Head!

Congrats to SC-Racerdude on his promotion to the position and rank of Warrant Officer!

Congrats to eaglesphan0125 on his promotion to Sergeant!

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CCP Fanfest Highlights Dust 514 'Uprising' Expansion

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Rumors say new Xbox will be called #XboxInfinity. Check out our latest blog on it!

SC wants to wish a wonderful and happy birthday to Corporal ZombehManifest! Happy birthday soldier!

Are you a graphic designer, or have ANY experience with design programs such as Photoshop, GIMP or Illustrator? Or maybe you don't have any experience at all but have been wanting to learn for a long time and didn't know who to ask in SC. Well then my fellow SC members, the Shadow Company Web Team Division is looking for 2-3 more Web Team Members. If you are interested in being on the Web Team staff, apply today!
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