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In which my D&D groups survives a war by hiding in the pub.

Also, if you don't put your mass combat battles in a different part of the world like Chgowiz does, you will totally destabilize your campaign.

War is Hell.
The Siege of Witherhelm
The Siege of Witherhelm

Here's an opinion:

Random advancement tables are inherently chaotic. Lawful characters who use random advancement should be at risk of alignment change or angering a god of law.

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For whatever reason i've been thinking about this band a lot lately
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Does anyone have a suggested paint kit/list to get to get started painting these guys up?

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Added photos to Portown: Return of the King/Baron (his name is Leomund).
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Got some pulp books on my trip to Los Angeles. Sometimes e.c. tubb gets so excited to convey two fisted daring-do that his sentences make no sense.

The rebel of rhada is really good for a traveller campaign. It's like a.more action packed foundation mixed with a much less anti-Semitic space Viking. It feels really rushed coming in at under 190 pages.

The Vance book also has some really gameable stuff in it.

I haven't read anything else yet.
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I got drunk and bought this game. It's in the mail. I haven't painted miniatures since middle school.

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I don't need to editorialize this anymore than Kymberlyn Reed already has. Except maybe to say this. If you think that your vote doesn't matter because you don't live in a swing state it does. Small elections also matter. Ward leader matters. County Comptroller or whatever matters. traffic court judge matters. And you can influence these people without spending a lot of money (except the judges, hopefully they would be immune to lobbying). Investing in small political careers can pay dividends in your community in the long term.

Elections. Have. Consequences.

Get ready to kiss Roe v. Wade goodbye. Gay marriage? Say goodbye to that too, and that cake baker decision was the first step down that slippery slope.

Say hello to permanent gerrymandering and voter suppression and a roll back on civil rights. That Muslim ban was the first step.

But hey, her emails and ideological purity and "protest voting" and staying home and false equivalency "she's just as bad".

Right, and look where that shit got us.

THIS was why trying to reason with 45's voters was a lost cause, ESPECIALLY the White evangelicals. They were willing to hold their noses at a chance to overturn Roe, and now they just might get their wish.

To those who tried to shame me because I chose Hillary out of the desire to protect vulnerable communities like those of color and poor women who are already affected by voter suppression and the dearth of decent reproductive care...

FUCK YOU ten million times over!

You. Own. This.
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Added photos to Portown: The Thaumaturgist didn't pay his invoice.
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