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Thousands of free woodworking plans
Thousands of free woodworking plans


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Whether you're a beginning woodworker or a skilled craftsman, there are loads of fun and free wood toy plans for kids of any age. From simple jigsaw puzzles to complex car and plane reproductions, you'll find the perfect wooden toy plan to create a gift any child will love.

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Owl Box Plans

Owl box plans include plans for various types of owls. The plans below are pretty straightforward in their design and include plans to build an owl box. Use one of these construction plans and attract owls to your yard.

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Is pizza your passion? If you just can't get enough, you may want to build your own outdoor pizza oven. There's really nothing like the aroma and flavor of pizza cooked in a traditional pizza oven. If you love entertaining, a pizza oven may be the perfect addition to your patio or yard.

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Create a DIY lemonade stand for your little ones, then sit back, and watch the fun! A lemonade stand can be a fun summer activity for kids, and can even become a cookie or cupcake stand. It could even become a puppet theater or a teacher's desk and make a fun addition to your child's room when not in use.

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Building a bed for your child is a fun project for the entire family. Whether you choose a simple platform bed that requires minimal skill and time or a bed that doubles as a playhouse, you're sure to find kid's bed plans that are perfect for you and your little one.

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Goat Milking Stand Plans

14 free plans to build a goat milking stand. Tips and things to consider when building a goat stand and included in most of the plans. These stands will securely hold an uncooperative goat while milking - and don't cost an arm and a leg to build.

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Over 100 entertainment center plans include from a full wall of shelving to a smaller console just to hold your TV. Whatever your needs, check out this great collection of entertainment centers to organize your media center.

Duck Coop Plans

Here are several DIY plans for a duck house or duck coop, along with some important things to consider when building one. You can pretty much build a duck house like you would build a dog house. Several unique plans below just for ducks!

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Deer Feeder Plans

Free DIY plans for making a deer feeder, out of pvc or wood. Make a simple deer feeder that's effective and easy on the wallet by making it yourself. Also great tips and feeding information are included with many of the deer feeder plans.

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Deer Blind Plans - Deer Box Plans - Deer Stand Plans

Build your own deer blind with one of the free plans below. Instructions and plans include some important things to consider when building a deer stand or deer blind. Also a forum with lots of drawings and pictures of completed deer blinds.
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