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Battle Stations, Everyone!

This is it, the moment of reckoning, the day we put a stake through the cold, black heart of #ACTA. We have asked much already, but when you have acted for the last time in this matter, you can look forward to 4th July 2012 as V-Day, the day we proved that pressure works and democracy lives.

We are public-spirited citizens

We summon our members and supporters not to undermine the fabric of our society but to strengthen it, for no civilisation can be governed without the consent of the people. And we do not consent to any treaty that is against our interests in freedom, privacy, and access to medicines.

Our cause is just

ACTA was negotiated in secret in the interests of corporations who consider "intellectual property," the name they have given their investment interest, to be a product in and of itself. The EU Commission promised it would provide jobs, but "intellectual property" only provides jobs in registration, surveillance, and enforcement.

They said it would strengthen our economies, but it would drain them by diverting law enforcement resources to fighting new crimes and would require that taxes be raised to pay for putting us under surveillance.

They said ACTA would change no laws. That's true; the lobbyists permitted the removal of the three-strikes clause and shifted it into our domestic laws. ACTA didn't change them, the lobbyists did.

They said it would protect us from dangerous counterfeits, but our existing health and safety and trades description laws are the ones applied to counterfeits, dangerous and otherwise.

Now is the time to kill it for good

+Rick Falkvinge has provided an email list with one email and three email templates. Use them as they are or as the basis of a message of your own. One is for Europeans, one is for Americans, and one is for everyone else. We need as many people as possible to contact the MEPs and tell them this is not what we want, this is not what we need, and it's not what we as decent concerned citizens of the world stand for.

Read + Share + Share again + Contact the MEPs = Destroy ACTA!
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