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Does anyone here remember seeing the videos of people in other countries (primarily middle eastern countries) burning effigies of George Bush? Yes, I'm sure many of you remember seeing them. Now think for a minute... have any of you seen any videos of them burning effigies of Barrak Obama? Anyone? No, I didn't think so; I haven't seen any either. So now the question is: is this because no effigies are being burned, or because the media isn't showing them? And whatever the answer is, the next question is: why? Food for thought on this fine Monday morning.
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Actually, a quick Google search does turn up videos of effigies of Obama burning. However, the only ones that show up in US media outlets are the ones done in the US. Some news outlets in the UK show some from Pakistan.
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Eureka! The House of Representatives has passed an amendment "to prohibit the Dept of Justice from using tax money to lie to Congress." Even the casual observer has to wonder why this is necessary; shouldn't the DOJ be truthful to Congress (and, well, everybody else as well) anyway?
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I've finally created my Google+ for business page for Small Forest Computing.  The move away from Facebook continues...
Modern technology, traditional values
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I've been visiting my parents in Tennessee for the past week. They live in an assisted living community - very independent, but their meals are provided, there's no lawn work, etc. I've been eating with them in the communal dining room, and we usually are joined by one or another of the other residents. Many of the people here have lost their spouses, and while talking to them this week I've been reminded of a Vern Gosdin song from several years ago called "Chiseled in Stone." The refrain goes, "you don't know about sadness, 'til you face life alone; you don't know about lonely, 'til it's chiseled in stone." Very poignant while surrounded by these elderly gems, and worth remembering when you find your spouse frustrating or irritating. Just sayin'.
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Modern Technology, Traditional Values
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