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Almost all I follow On Google + are devs and dev groups. But then, I don't trust any of the links posted.

"This I make great list of must know javascripts"

I closed my other social media accounts and everyone just assumes I blocked them. Yeesh people.

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This could be handy if I stopped running the client on my machine. Pretty crafty hack. 
Do you have a AppleTV and a Plex Media Server? Make them a happy couple with this new third-party program without needing any jailbreaks! 

Oh my lord. G+ has turned into a giant mishmash of stuff.

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Getting better and better. So excited for the rift. 

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Getting closer! The Rift is going to spur a lot of new development. 
Our personal holodeck is finally here... sorta. 

I don't know. The hot posts that G+ is always pushing on me are nauseating and unwanted. Must be a way to opt out. 

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This is the funniest thing I have seen shared on facebook (that I didn't see here first) in a long time!

h/t +Sam Davenport 

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When does MS pack it in?
Microsoft's Surface tablet is failing hard - report.

Way back in October, when everyone was giddy about the Microsoft Surface RT tablet, I predicted that the iPad Mini would sell at least ten times as many units as the Microsoft Surface RT.

It looks like that was accurate, but an understatement. A new report from IDC says Apple shipped about 22.9 million iPads of both Mini and Maxi varieties. Various reports say that the Mini outsold the Maxi. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft sold fewer than 1 million Surface tablets, according to IDC.
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