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A gift I've been recently given is FOCUS.

I'm not sure why, but at some point in December I began to focus more clearly on the things I want.

Focus isn't power.
Focus isn't discipline.
Focus isn't craft.

It is, however, a gift. With focus you can obtain almost anything. Be relentless and you will accomplish any achievable goal.

Even though I have email at,,, etc. I am still only using THIS account for Google+, no matter how badly Google wants me to have a different account for ever single email account I use on Google Apps.

Who is still using G+? My notifications magically started working again ;)

I thought G+ was going to go away.

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Dr Who themed ice cube. Exterminate!

Someone told me G+ was going away, so I've been leaving it alone. Yet, it's integrated so deeply into everything I do that I now have 3 or 4, maybe 5 G+ accounts to just deal with Google Apps accounts and YouTube.

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I still like G+ photo sharing best, hanging with +Warren Whitlock.
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An Alabama cop violently slams a man to the ground for walking away and not understanding English commands. The assault left the man partially paralyzed and fractured vertebrae.

The department fires and arrests the officer that assaulted the man. That is the proper response.

Though I wouldn't walk around Madison while brown (because that's what seems to have attracted police attention in the first place) some of my faith is restored by the rational choice not to endorse or support unnecessary violent police behavior.

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Playing with meditation apps, today checking out Pacifica, Calm, and Headspace. Spoiler: I like Calm best.
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