+Postbox, the Thunderbird -forked e-mail client I've been playing with for the last month after a discussion with +Alan Cann about e-mail clients, has now substantially dropped in price from $29.95 US to $9.95 US. The previous $10.00 US discount if you tweeted about it has been reduced to $5.00, but it means you can buy _Postbox_  (MacOS or Windows) for only $4.95!

This price drop comes probably not-coincidentally as Mozilla announced they won't be putting resources into further feature development for Thunderbird. It also makes Postbox more competitive with Sparrow, another Mac e-mail client. Both applications tout their wonderful Gmail integration features, but I'm a long-time POP/IMAP user keen on keeping my mail on my laptop and not in the cloud, so I've been appreciating the robustness of Postbox_'s POP/IMAP _Thunderbird heritage.

Postbox 's recent blog post (http://www3.postbox-inc.com/?/blog/entry/an_awesome_alternative_for_thunderbird_users/) highlights some features they're most proud of: unified folders/account groups; integrated social networking features with Twitter, Facebook , and LinkedIn; conversation view (across multiple folders!); Dropbox, Evernote, Things, Alfred, and Omnifocus integration; various bits of Gmail support including labels and keyboard shortcuts; quick reply; and quick move. I didn't find the social features that compelling, but some of the others have been useful. I'll write more fully about my Postbox experience in a separate series of postings, but it's worth taking a look at—at least on the Mac. You can try it for 30 days and there's a 60-day money-back guarantee too. Download it from http://www.postbox-inc.com/

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