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Q&A With Doctor Rita: "Tell me about you and your approach to pain management."
Q&A with
Dr. Rita: "Tell me about you and your approach to Pain Management."  Brief bio: Dr. Rita Hancock is a pain management sub-specialist
physician and an author of Christian health and wellness books. She is the
Oklahoma state representative in the Hou...

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Check out my interview on "How God Changes the Brain" with brain imaging expert and author Dr. Andrew Newberg. 

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Interview With Brain Researcher Dr. Andrew Newberg
(This is a re-run of an interview that was published in one of this year's editions of Dr. Rita's Christian Health and Weight Loss Newsletter) Guest Bio: Dr. Andrew Newberg is Director of Research at the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas...

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Interview With Health Enthusiast and Chiropractor, Dr. Daisy Sutherland
Guest Bio: Meet health and wellness enthusiast and host of the popular Website "Dr. Mommy
And Friends" at , Dr. Daisy Sutherland. Dr. Sutherland is a
Doctor of Chiropractic, Author, Speaker, wife and mom to 5
children. Welcome, Dr. Su...

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Dr. Rita Interviews Psychiatrist and Christian Dr. Karl Lehman
Introducing Psychiatrist and Christian, Dr. Karl Lehman. (This is a re-run of a recent interview I ran in my Christian Health and Wellness newsletter). Dr. Rita:  This month, it's my great privilege to introduce you to Dr.
Karl Lehman, a board-certified psy...

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Read How One Of Dr. Rita's Friends Lost 155 pounds and Kept It Off!
Guest Bio: This month, I have the great pleasure of introducing you to
Linda Goff. Linda was obese for more than 20 years. She was told by a professor
at one of the top journalism schools in the nation that her "look"
wasn't professional enough for televisi...

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Interview With Christian Rock Band, Building 429
Dr. Rita:   This week, I am happy to re-run an interview that I conducted two years ago with the amazing Christian rock band, Building 429. From left to right, we have Jesse, Jason, Aaron, and Michael. Welcome,
guys! Before I jump into the interview, let me...

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Hunger and Happiness: Interview With Professor/Dr. Shannon Jung
Dr. Rita: This month, I am very privileged to re-publish an interview I conducted several years ago with Dr. L.
Shannon Jung, Professor of Town and Country Ministries at Saint Paul School of
Theology in Kansas City , Missouri . Dr. Jung is the author of Foo...

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Interview With Fitness Expert, Laura Monica (WholyFit Ministries)
Introducing Christian Fitness Expert Laura
Monica (WholyFit Ministries).   Dr. Rita: Please join me in welcoming our special guest, Laura Monica. Laura is a certified Health Fitness Specialist by the  American   College  of Sports Medicine, (advanced person...

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Which Is Better For Depression, Jello Pudding or Prozac?
You might have seen this Jello pudding commercial, recently.
In it, a middle-aged, overweight, bald office worker is sitting at his kitchen
table, talking to his 8 or 10 year old son, presumably teaching the boy a life
lesson. Basically, he tells his son (a...
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