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Never stop punching Nazis. 
New York artist John Powers riiffs cogently and tellingly about the recent television sensations Westworld and The Man In The High Castle. And Powers makes some interesting points – e.g. that the producers of these shows ostensibly are anti-oppression an favor egalitarian impulses; but that they wind up undermining their own message with excess respect for the villains’ underlying message.

“To believe in Westworld, you must believe in an off-screen world dominated by an economic elite that craves the freedoms and privileges of the wild-west, a future drenched in a nostalgia for 19th century Manifest Destiny. - that is a future drowning in 19th century inequality.”

Powers make fascinating points about the unsupportable levels of wealth inequality we are rapidly approaching – a situation that does not bide well for the very same aristocracy that is manipulating for it, hand over fist.

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Prometheus (re)Bound; Scene Four
(Return to Scene Two) You haven't missed anything. Scene Three - which shows David moving through the ship alone - is one best, and most consequential of the movie  - which is precisely why I've left it untouched, and I see no reason to lay it out with imag...

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Prometheus (re)Bound; Scene Two
(Return to Scene One) There are large swaths of the original Prometheus script I left untouched. I don't plan to repost those scenes, they are easy enough to track down and watch. Scene Two is almost identical to the original, but I change the end, "Because...

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Prometheus (re)Bound; Scene One
(Return to Prologue) It bugged me that in the original version, Shaw and Holloway were searching for cave paintings of star constellations. Finding undiscovered cave paintings in the year 2089 is already an near impossibility, a once in a lifetime find that...

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Prometheus (re)Bound; Prologue
If you have not seen Ridley Scott's Prometheus , what follows won't make a whole lot of sense, and even if you have this may be a head scratcher. This Introduction will help explain the why-for of it. The what-of-it is fanfiction. In 2012, after seeing Scot...

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Prometheus Delayed: A Foreword
Drones: Stanley Kubrick, 2001; A Space Odyssey (1968); Ridley Scott, Prometheus (2012)    Writing about fanfiction  got me thinking about my very first foray into fanfic - I rewrote the screen play of Ridley Scott's Prometheus . Whole thing . It was only as...

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Cowboys And Nazis; Alt-FanFic
Men In Black and Brown I watched both HBO's  Westworld  and the second season of Amazon's  Man in the High Castle  with deepening ambivalence. Formally, I found both productions entertaining and visually exciting; real pleasures to watch. The casting, actin...

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Darth Vader Is A Homophobe
In his 1972 book, Society And The Healthy Homosexual , the psychotherapist and gay activist,   George Weinberg ,  coined the term "homophobe" - arguably one of the most powerful rhetorical turns of the past half century . As Darth Vader is about to return t...

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Selma Alabama, 1965, According to The Rev Robert Leonard Powers
My sisters Sarah, Rachel and I crossing The Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma Alabama, March 8th, 2015 I traveled to Selma Alabama this past weekend to meet my two older sisters Sarah and Rachel, to witness the 50th  anniversary  of Bloody Sunday. We went, beca...

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I wrote a short piece for Hyperallergic on Robert Irwin's new Chinati Foundation project. 
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